Married at First Sight exclusive: Ryan and Jackie on verge of break-up after he stays out late

Ryan Buckley on Married at First Sight
Ryan recounts his phone conversation with Jackie the previous night on Married at First Sight

Watch an exclusive clip from this week’s Married at First Sight on Lifetime — as Ryan Buckley reveals his marriage with Jaclyn Schwartzberg is close to collapse after he stays out too late and misses their date night.

Ryan agreed that he would be back home by 8.30pm from a retirement party he attended for a colleague, but when he rang Jackie to ask her if he could stay out another few hours she hung up.

The morning after, he meets up with his friend Jordan to confide in him about his relationship with Jackie — and admits it could be the beginning of the end for them as a couple.

Ryan says he thinks the night was a “deal-breaker” for Jackie, and that he isn’t used to being kept on a “tight leash”. He admits to producers: “Jackie and me are in a big fight right now…it just seemed like I was on a tight leash and I’ve never been on a tight leash before, so…this whole fight was a giant breakdown of communication, and if we don’t learn how to communicate better, I don’t really see this relationship working out.”

Ryan Buckley on Married at First Sight
Ryan recounts his phone conversation with Jackie on Married at First Sight

He then tells Jordan: “We were supposed to have a one-on-one date and just stay in and watch movies and everything, and it was about 8.30pm when I knew I had to check in because that’s the time I was supposed to be home.

“I mean, with the guys it’s kind of hard — I haven’t seen a lot of these guys in a while, they’re all asking me how I’ve been doing, how’s the wife. I call Jackie and I’m like ‘hey, do you mind if I stay out for another few more hours?’

“Like, you know, around 10.30pm, maybe 11.00pm whatever. And the response I got was pretty much, you know ‘yeah, do whatever you want — I don’t care’ and she hung up.”

Ryan admits to producers: “I got married at first sight to, you know, try and find that one person that I want to be in for the rest of my life, and right now me and Jackie are really not in a good place.

“We have to be able to communicate for our marriage to work out and we’re not seeing eye-to-eye.”

Married at First Sight airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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