Married at First Sight exclusive: Potential matches reveal what is off limits in the bedroom

Season 7 of Married At First Sight is getting ready to kick off and Lifetime is already teasing what a great season it will be. Is there a better way to introduce the newlyweds than to share where they draw the line in the bedroom?

Three new couples will be followed by cameras to see if they can make their arranged marriages work after being set up by three relationship experts — psychologist Dr. Jessica Griffin, sociologist Dr. Pepper Schwartz and marriage counselor Pastor Calvin Roberson.

Dr. Jessica Griffin of Married At First Sight
Dr. Jessica Griffin asks Married At First Sight Season 7’s potential matches what is off limits in the bedroom

Our exclusive clip shows them quizzing this season’s potential matches about what is off limits in the bedroom — and it turns out that most of the MAFS candidates tends to keep things pretty simple.

As each of the relationship experts asks the ultra-personal question about the matches’ sex lives, they are quick to respond with their bedroom preferences.

The first match in our exclusive Married At First Sight sneak peek makes it very clear that nothing is going near her rear when she tells Dr. Griffin, “Nothing in my butt!”

The second is possibly the most adventurous when it comes to his bedroom practices. He lets it be known that he’ll pass on being tied up but admits, “Anything else, we’re fine.”

The third, Bobby Dodd, wants to “keep things PG for a little bit” and admits that he doesn’t “want a [horse] bit in my mouth.” Hopefully, he isn’t into voyeurism either because his eventual match, Danielle Bergman, says that is a bedroom deal breaker for her.

Another potential match also shares a few things that won’t be going on in his bedroom anytime soon. He’s not interested in “stuff hanging from the ceiling and weird music”, and also makes it clear that he’s not into bondage or strobe lights.

Now that we’ve learned what some of the newlyweds on Season 7 of Married At First Sight don’t want to do in the bedroom, who is interested in hearing what they ARE into?

Married At First Sight airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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