Married at First Sight exclusive: Jasmine is upset after Will fails to rescue her

Jasmine McGriff rides an ATV through the Costa Rican rainforest on Married at First Sight
Is their honeymoon going to make Jasmine dislike Will? Pic credit: Lifetime

The weddings went off without a hitch on Season 8 of Married at First Sight, and now all four couples have headed off to their honeymoons. In the case of Jasmine and Will, it looks like there’s a bit of trouble in paradise after she needs help and he doesn’t jump to her rescue.

It all goes down in Costa Rica, where the couples are enjoying a little fun, a lot of sun and some time to finally get to know each other. Will Jasmine still be thrilled with her new husband or does she expect Will to be a knight in shining armor that he is not?

When the newlyweds headed out on an ATV excursion, Jasmine got irritated very fast with her new husband. She didn’t like the way he was pushing her.

A little further down the trail, Jasmine was having trouble controlling her ATV, causing her to hit a bump and then start backing up at an alarming speed.

Will was shouting at her to hit the brake, only causing more chaos and upsetting Jasmine even more.

Already flustered, Jasmine got upset with her man for not coming to her rescue. It’s not really sure what she expected Will to do, as he was trying to control his own ATV, but she was still upset and wanted him to fix it.

Is this the first crack in Jasmine and Will’s brand new relationship or can they figure things out and bounce back?

Married at First Sight airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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