Married at First Sight exclusive interview: Luke Cuccurullo opens up about marriage to Kate Sisk, becoming villain of Season 8

Luke Cuccurullo on the Married at First Sight Season 8 finale
As Season 8 of Married at First Sight concludes, Luke Cuccurullo took a moment to answer a few questions. Pic credit: Lifetime

As Season 8 of Married at First Sight concludes, some viewers are still wondering what happened with Luke Cuccurullo and Kate Sisk. They were definitely the most talked about MAFS couple this season and will be talked about for many seasons to come.

In fact, Luke may have ended up being one of the biggest Married at First Sight villains of all time. There has been quite a bit of criticism about the way Luke treated Kate on the Lifetime series. In the end, even the experts were ready for Luke and Kate to sign divorce papers.

With controversies ranging from whether or not Luke is gay to their big secret about having sex and telling everyone that they were not, it seems that everyone has an opinion and not many of them were in Luke’s favor.

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Monsters & Critics was able to ask Luke Cuccurullo to clear the air and to answer some of the most burning questions about Married at First Sight Season 8 and his experience both in his marriage to Kate Sisk and on the show in general. Some of his answers might surprise you.

Monsters and Critics: It was clear that you were not into Kate so why did you insist that you didn’t want a divorce throughout the season?

Luke Cuccurullo: One of the many facets of my marriage to Kate that may not have been as visible to the audience was our willingness to work together. What came off as an insistent drive to avoid divorce to some was much more of a discussion of comfort and security between Kate and me. While our marriage didn’t have a fairy tale start, we were willing to work with one another and find the spark to become a better couple.

Monsters and Critics: When you took off on your one-month anniversary to hang out with your friends, what were you doing? Why didn’t you spend it with Kate?

Luke Cuccurullo: A new relationship is a huge balancing act, taking the life that you were already living and incorporating a new person and their full life into it. We both had opportunities to spend time with those that attended our wedding throughout the season, both on and off camera. I’m grateful that Kate let me follow through on the promises I had made before she came into my life so that I could spend the rest of our one-month anniversary celebrating with her.

Monsters and Critics: Do you and AJ really not like each other? Was that really a surprise for you at the MAFS finale when you said he was the one offering you advice?

Luke Cuccurullo: One of the best parts about getting the couples involved with one another during this season of the show was a chance to offer each other advice and support. AJ’s willingness to give advice came from a good and empathetic place, and I appreciate his outsider’s perspective on my marriage while he was going through such a similar process. It was nice to have a fresh view from someone that has a different overall life philosophy.

Monsters and Critics: Were you surprised that so many MAFS viewers reacted so negatively to you?

Luke Cuccurullo: I was aware going into the show that the experience that I would have would not always match the experience the audience thought I had. The show is about a married couple getting to know each other in a short amount of time, and in turn, the audience was only given a short amount of time to get to know us. While anyone would hope for a positive viewer reaction, whatever reaction they have is completely justified by the story they watch.

Monsters and Critics: If you were given a shot to do this all over again, what would you do differently?

Luke Cuccurullo: I don’t think I would do anything differently if I was given another shot. I don’t harbor any regrets towards the show, both the choice to do it and the energy I put into our marriage, and any down moment feels more like a quirk of marriage than a huge blunder. The imperfections I brought to the show were me being me, and any mistake I could think to take back would be erasing who I am as a person.

Monsters and Critics: You’ve been accused of a lot of things during this season of MAFS. Is there anything that you want to clear up the record about? From the “is Luke gay” questions to the insinuations that you only went on the show to get on TV?

Luke Cuccurullo: Many, if not all, of those insinuations, can be rolled into the negative reaction that some viewers had towards me. Marriage is a very important moment in many people’s lives, and to watch a marriage come to divorce after such a short time can be incredibly jarring to those that place such importance in it. The subjective views of viewers, truthful or not, should be regarded with the utmost respect because they are often grounded in those personal feelings towards marriage.

Monsters and Critics: Were you surprised when Kate chose divorce on Decision Day? Were you still hoping she wouldn’t have?

Luke Cuccurullo: Kate’s choice to go separate ways was entirely her decision and one that should be honored. It’s important for married couples to be on the same page, to do their best to not be blindsided by the feelings of their spouses. Effective communication is key, and while in the end, we both chose for the marriage to end, we were effective enough communicating throughout our marriage to understand that it was right to do so.

Monsters and Critics: Were you surprised by which couples chose to divorce and which couples stayed together?

Luke Cuccurullo: Despite the time that Kate and I spent with the couples, or that I spent with the guys, I didn’t have much more insight into the other three marriages than any other viewer. That being said, I think that the reasons that each person gave during their final decision really made any choice much less surprising than it could have been. I think everyone made well-founded decisions, and I wish the best for everyone that I got to meet this season.

Married at First Sight Season 9 begins in June 2019 on Lifetime. 

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