Married at First Sight: Nick and Sonia had SEX…or did they?

Sonia tells Pastor Calvin Robertson she and Nick had sex on this week's Married At First Sight
Sonia tells Pastor Calvin Robertson she and Nick had sex on this week’s Married At First Sight

On this week’s Married at First Sight someone’s telling porkies after last week’s showdown between Nick Pendergrast and Sonia Granados — as he says they never had sex and she says they DID.

The pair had a huge fall-out when Nick basically told her that he didn’t feel quite as attracted to her as he thought he should be.

Sonia took that as a big “I find you ugly” and packed her bags and moved out.

This week Nick and Sonia both speak to Pastor Calvin Robertson about the drama between them, but while Nick claims they never got intimate between the sheets Sonia begs to differ.

Pastor Robertson asks Nick if he thinks that because it’s not a traditional marriage he should get an “out”, and Nick responds saying he should get at least one “Get Out Of Jail Free card”.

Pastor Robertson then asks him: “How intimate have you guys been? Have you had sex?”

Nick replies: “We touched, those kinds of things. We did not have sex, no.”

But when Sonia speaks to Pastor Robertson, referring to the spat, she says: “I think anyone that can treat a woman like that after what had transpired before…”

Pastor Robertson asks: “What do you mean?”, she says: “We had sex. Not just once.”

Also on this week’s episode, titled Naked Truth, Lillian’s nerves come to the surface over spending her life with Tom, while Derek and Heather look back at the good times they had together.

Could they possibly move forward together after all that’s happened between them?

The rumor mill is in overload among fans summed up by Facebook user Mickey Parker says on the Married At First Sight Facebook page…

Married at First Sight Facebook post

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