Mark Consuelos has LIVE fans wishing he’d run for president

Mark Consuelos at an Oscar party
Mark Consuelos has people wishing he would run for president. Pic credit: ©

If Mark Consuelos of LIVE with Kelly and Mark should ever tire of sitting next to his lovely wife, Kelly Ripa, he has options to fall back on.

Game show host would be an excellent choice, judging by how invested he gets in his Stump Mark segment on LIVE. He got so heated that he ran off the stage after a recent loss.

He is also an actor, and news has dropped that a new show he is in will be streaming shortly. Deadline reports that The Girls on the Bus will be streaming on Max starting March 14, 2024.

Mark plays a presidential candidate in this new political drama featuring four female journalists. This is a welcome change for him after leaving Riverdale, where he played Hiram Lodge in the comic-turned-drama series.

Mark shared a photo of him as his character on the new show, and fans are noticing something interesting about him.

In the show, he plays a presidential candidate, and some fans wish he would run in real life. This is a campaign year, after all, and the presidency of the United States is up for grabs.

Fans notice that Mark looks presidential in the shot

Eagle-eyed fans started to comment, sharing that they think he looks presidential.

One fan said, “Mark for president.” Another said, “I thought you would tell us you were running for president.” One replied what everyone was thinking, “We wish.”

'Mark for president' says fans of Mark Consuelos on Instagram
Fans shared that they wished Mark Consuelos would run for president on Instagram. Pic credit: @instasuelos/Instagram

Another shared, “I will tell my kids this was the first Mexican-American president.” Another fan said, “Amazing.”

A last in the sample noted how good Mark looks, “If ONLY, our presidents should look half as good.”

Fans of Mark Consuelos post on Instagram
Mark Consuelos has fans who think he would make a good-looking president. Pic credit: @instasuelos/Instagram

Kelly and Mark shared Valentine’s Day in matching outfits, and it is so cute

Although Kelly has shared that she and Mark lead separate lives, it is apparent that they deeply love each other by their interactions on the show.

Kelly surprised Mark on the Valentine’s Day episode with a unique shirt that says I heart Mark with a picture of Mark in the heart. It is a play on his I stumped Mark shirts for his segment of the show.

During the host chat, when Kelly showed off her love for Mark, he opened his shirt, and everyone expected a similar shirt with him professing his love for Kelly.

But no! It is an I Heart Mark shirt, too!

Kelly good-naturedly laughed it off, and they captioned the post on Instagram, “Find someone that loves you as much as Mark loves Mark. Happy Valentine’s Day!”

LIVE with Kelly and Mark airs weekdays on ABC.

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