Mari and Anthony Oritz sing I Like Me Better on The Voice

Mari performs I Like Me Better with Anthony Oritz on The Voice
Mari performs I Like Me Better with Anthony Oritz on The Voice. Pic credit: NBC

Mari and Anthony Oritz gave a dynamic performance on The Voice this week when they sang Lauv’s I Like Me Better in the battle rounds.

The contrast and power in these two young singers forced Adam Levine to make an extremely hard decision as to who would remain on his team. Unfortunately, there has to be a winner, but there’s also always a steal.

The dynamic I Like Me Better performance

Adam Levine and Charlie Puth’s expert advice made this song a perfect match for both performers. Anthony Oritz was able to keep his airy but smooth voice while Mari was able to make this song fit into her own pitch and power as Adam Levine advised.

Although both singers gave a wonderful performance, Mari wowed the judges with her powerful stage performance. While Anthony Oritz’s nerves were present, his performance was still an extremely powerful presence. Both singers did well but Adam Levine did have to choose a winner- and the winner of this round was Mari.

Oritz was appreciative despite Mari’s win and was extremely appreciative of all of the judges’ advice. Mari deserved her win, but it looks like John Legend might have been a little jealous that he couldn’t steal her from Adam Levine.

Charlie Puth’s coaching presence

Many fans of The Voice have been intrigued by Adam Levine’s guest coach, Charlie Puth. Puth has created many singles and has been featured on a lot of popular songs, but many people couldn’t put a face to the name.

Levine’s team this season on The Voice is right up Puth’s alley. Charlie Puth has an airy voice with a large range, matching many of Adam Levine’s candidates.

Charlie Puth even bonded with Anthony Oritz over the scars on their eyebrows, as well as their voices.

Charlie Puth has a large pop presence that dominates on The Voice. Although he doesn’t have the same presence as Adam Levine, their friendship is an amazing partnership among two pop artists.

Puth is the guest coach this season that’s really grabbing a lot of attention and giving a lot of solid advice to the candidates.

Maybe after this season, we’ll be lucky enough to see a winner from The Voice make a great new pop song with Charlie Puth later on. For right now, we still have to make it all the way through the battle rounds.

The Voice airs Mondays at 8/7c on NBC.

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