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Manling Williams slashed her husband Neal 90 times with Samurai sword and smothered young sons

Neal Williams pictured with his two sons in garden, they were all murdered by Manling
Neal Williams pictured with his two sons, they were all murdered by Manling

American Monster examines the case of Manling Tsang Williams who murdered her husband and their two young sons.

Neal Williams was a house husband and indulged his hobby of collecting swords whilst his wife Manling was the main bread winner.

Manling claimed she came home in Rowland Heights, California, around 7.30 a.m. on August 7, 2007, from shopping to find her husband and kids dead.

According to reports from neighbors, Manling ran from the house screaming that her husband was injured. When police arrived they found 27-year-old Williams stabbed to death and even more tragically the couple’s two sons Devon (7) and Ian (3) smothered to death in their bunk beds.

It did not take long for the cops to suspect Manling and she was arrested the next day. During the trial it transpired that she’d slashed and stabbed her husband more than 90 times with a Samurai sword and used a pillow to smother their kids.

She was found guilty and sentenced to death, with her motive for the murders being so she could be with her lover.

American Monster airs on Investigation Discovery.

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