Man Vs Bear exclusive preview: New day and time doesn’t help New Jersey girl Christina at all

Christina Tabasco doesn't have a chance and this is the screen capture of exactly when she knows she is in the sh**. Pic credit: Discovery
Christina Tabasco doesn’t have a chance and this is the screen capture of exactly when she knows it. Pic credit: Discovery

It’s a new day and a new time for our favorite new reality series, Man Vs Bear on Discovery.

This is the show where hosts Casey Anderson and Brandon Tierney moderate a contest between very fit delusional humans and three rescued bears who live in the beautiful Utah mountains.

And the big boy at-bat on the new episode on Saturday is Mr. Bart, who is large and in charge in our exclusive clip.

Mr. Bart is a heifer. This 1,400-pound male grizzly bear stands over eight feet tall when he rears up and uses his growly voice to let you know he’s paying attention. And you’d better have some adult diapers ready if he does.

We don’t think his competitor, Christina Tabasco of Atlantic City, New Jersey, came prepared to deal with the enormity of Bart.  She doesn’t call for her mommy, but it sure looks like she wishes she was back on the Jersey shore.

We wonder what Bart's breath smells like, let's ask Christina! Pic credit: Discovery
We wonder what Bart’s breath smells like, let’s ask Christina! Pic credit: Discovery

Christina is apparently learning the hard way that bears like Bart are not to be trifled with and that she may have bitten off more than she can chew.

Bart, however, can bite off more than he can chew and then still eat it. Casey Anderson, our resident naturist and bear expert, mentioned that Bart eats “dozens of pounds of food in a day.”

And well, the match is hardly fair, as bartender Christina is a paltry 165 pounds at 5 foot 9 inches.

The challenge these two unlikely combatants face off in is a tug of war. And we will see Bart yank Christina off a platform handily.

Spoiler alert: Bart is the victor. Like you didn’t know that going in.

In an illuminating voice over between Casey and Brandon, we learn that this king of the mountain “looks pretty badass,” and that Christina’s nerves were starting to set in.  They note that each of the competitors is here because they really do believe it they are tougher than a grizzly bear.

Casey says: “Bart downs dozens of pounds of food every day and has the endurance to run for miles and miles.”

Christina braces and then looks worried when Bart is tied up to her.

She says: “The King of the mountain looks pretty badass…He [Bart] could attack me, I don’t f***ing know! Let’s see what he can do.  [Bart enters the scene] Oh. My. god… what’s the quickest way back home to Jersey? [then she speaks to Bart] who’s a good boy? [Bart growls]… What have I gotten myself into?  What am I doing?”

The play by play commences.

Brandon says: “Look at Bart taking it [the rope] quick… her knees are locked and she’s hanging up top open yet Christina said she was gonna dig it with those legs. He’s taking her for a ride… there it is and there she goes.”

Christina, of course, went airborne and landed in the pond. Bart keeps his title as the Dolemite of bears, and f***ing up motherf***ing humans is his game.

Each week, three grizzlies — Bart, Tank, and Honey Bump — face off with three human competitors inside their Utah sanctuary to test the limits of stamina, speed, and brute strength. And tomorrow night will be the first time it airs on Saturday.

Man Vs Bear now airs on Saturday (beginning January 11)  at 8 pm ET/PT on Discovery.

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