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Man Vs Bear Exclusive: Bradley does battle with King of the Mountain Bart, guess who wins

Spoiler alert: Bart wins again on Man Vs Bear as Bradley trained and trained and failed. Pic credit: Discovery.

On the next Man Vs Bear, we meet up with our King of the Mountain bear Bart, the largest of the three bears featured in Discovery’s newest human versus animal reality series.

And we also meet Bradley, at 5’11” and 190 pounds of pure muscle, we learn in our exclusive clip that he does it all for fear of becoming soft as he thinks most of the world has let themselves go.

He runs, climbs. bikes, weight lifts, and in the end, he will die like the rest of us, only he will look better doing it.

Man Vs Bear preview

In the clip, Bradley explains his pre-game strategy against Bart, and why he believes his training methods will give him the edge.And as we begin our exclusive clip, Casey Anderson and Brandon Tierney give the awesome play by play of what is going down.

He says: “Alright here’s a look at Bradley. He’s a seasoned hunter very athletic he’s also able to flash a pretty good sense of humor which can serve him well because if you’re not laughing up there… you might be crying.”

Brad before his hopes and dreams are dashed by a big male Grizzly bear. Pic credit: Discovery.
Brad before his hopes and dreams are dashed by a big male Grizzly bear. Pic credit: Discovery.

Casey adds: “You know this is a competition that’s about strength versus strength… but really, in the end, I think the advantage will go to the person who has the most mental strength, and toughness.”

Agreeing, Brandon says: “But if you just trust your instincts to take over just like a grizzly you could turn the tide of this battle.”  That’s a funny remark. No one beats Bart.

All confident he can succeed, Brad says: “I’m an adrenaline junkie. I’m chasing things that are new and exciting gonna get the heart pumping. Everything I do is focus on being outdoors. I live my life for archery and for a competition and getting it done.

“As a society, I think we’re kind of soft so I’m constantly looking for harder and harder ways to challenge myself… from hockey to triathlons to archery contests. Taking on a grizzly bear…it’s got to get it going it’s gonna get the entire system just pumping, and we’re all said and done at the end of the day I’m walking the way a winner.”

Bradley then ascends the tower and grabs the rope holds so he can last as long as possible.

Noting another human competitor’s achievement on the series, Brandon says: “Bruce is the only human to get the max score 15 here, so we’ll see it Bradley’s up to the challenge.”

Roped up and ready to brace his huge legs, Brad says: “All right, Bart, me and you… let’s do this!”

Commenting on the sidelines, Brandon adds: “And remember every two seconds is a point.  Alright, here we go…this is a good effort, Casey.”

And like that, Bart focuses his efforts, and Bradley is airborne like everyone else. Bart weighs near 1,500 pounds, and the physics of this is not in humans’ favor. You would have to distract Bart with a loaded picnic basket to win this one.

Tune in on a new day on Saturday to see just how Brad stacks up overall:

Man Vs Bear exclusive clip

Man Vs Bear airs on an all-new night Saturday at 8 only on Discovery Channel.

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