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Man Vs Bear exclusive: Bart pitted against Afa and the results could be down to a nose

This is a ludicrous show and I cannot stop watching Bart beat humans at everything. Pic credit: Discovery.
This is a ludicrous show and I cannot stop watching Bart beat humans at everything. Pic credit: Discovery.

On the next Man Vs Bear, Bart is back in the main frame. He is so pushy, and that quality may well win him a challenge as he is up against a man who looks fit but is out of his weight category. There’s no competition…or is there?

In our exclusive clip, we see that Afa digs in and may beat what looks to be a distracted Bart.

This is crazy, right? We are talking about a 1,400-pound bear pitted against men and women who weigh a tenth of his weight. And he seems to get he has to pull, push or run after these people but sometimes even the best of us — including bears — can lose focus.

Afa is now the human to go toe-to-claw with the big boy, the Dolemite of bears. Afa did not get the “f***in’ up motherf*****’ humans memo that Bart sent up last week with a Jersey girl he dragged in a pond.

Now, the chiseled-legged athlete is in a dead heat with the biggest bear on the block.

Remember, it is a new day and time for our favorite new reality series, where hosts Casey Anderson and Brandon Tierney moderate a contest between very fit delusional humans and three rescued bears who live in the beautiful Utah mountains.

And Saturday is Mr. Bart versus Afa, a man with thighs that can crack walnuts.

Case in point:

Casey Anderson and Brandon Tierney are back moderating the action.

Tierney is locked in and says: “Here we go… look out! Big Bart is rolling out ready to go today. 1,400-pounds of controlled fury. He’s assessing… 900 pounds between him and the finish. Here we go, look at that!”

Casey says: “Look at that! Brandon is extending his arms on this run, relying less on his body weight. That’s actually slowing his pace a bit. In a fight between Grizzlies, a reliance on arms can really indicate fatigue.”

Noting that Afa’s shoe is wonky, Brandon says: “Look at his shoe. His toe is sticking out. He’s trying to shoulder approach…”

Afa digs in, and his lower body is strong as he tries to get that giant spool moved to the goal line as Bart seems a bit lackadaisical in his approach.

Tune in to see if Bart beats Afa or if he becomes a human who actually beats a bear. And where oh where is Honey Bump and Tank? Rumor has it they may be in bear timeout for wiping out the craft service table.

Man Vs Bear airs on Saturday at 10mp on Discovery.

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