Busted! Mama June secretly gorges on ice cream and chocolate to avoid From Not to Hot diet

Honey Boo Boo holds up Mama June's ice-cream stash with a look that says "WTF?"
Honey Boo Boo holds up Mama June’s ice-cream stash with a look that says “WTF?”

Mama June gets totally rumbled by her fitness coach Kenya on this week’s From Not to Hot — after hiding a secret stash of ice cream and chocolates to gorge on so she can avoid her diet.

Kenya is so furious when he finds the horde of sweet treats that he storms out, shoving the ice cream tubs in Honey Boo Boo’s lap saying: “If you don’t care, I don’t care either. I can’t be more invested in this thing than you. This is your life.”

He also tells the camera: “It’s not what I found that disappoints me, it’s that she doesn’t care. And I can’t deal with someone who doesn’t care.”

The confrontation comes after Kenya pulls her up about not sticking to her healthy eating regime after finding her stashed goodies hidden around the house.

Kenya holds up Mama June's secret food haul after uncovering her ruse
Kenya holds up Mama June’s secret food haul after uncovering her ruse
Mama June seems to think it's funny, but Kenya thinks it's anything but
Mama June seems to think it’s funny, but Kenya thinks it’s anything but

Honey Boo Boo and Pumpkin — who showed Kenya her hiding places — also call her out on the secret eating, with Honey Boo Boo saying: “We’re sitting over here being supportive, but you’re sitting over here lying straight to our faces.”

Mama June seems to think it’s a laughing matter, and insists she’s been sticking to her regular workouts. Kenya, holding up the chocolates, says: “Yeah, but you’re sabotaging it with this!”

He asks her: “Does this smell progress to you?” He then storms out, leaving her to pick up the pieces with her daughters — and resulting in her having a complete meltdown.

The diet-dodging comes as June must drop 15-lb in two weeks if she’s to have the surgery she wants. But she gets some much-needed help when her daughters vow to help her, even if it means them going on a new eating regime too.

Mama June: From Not to Hot airs Fridays at 10/9c on WE tv.

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