Make Me A Millionaire Inventor: Saving lives with Aqua Blaster and Goldilocks Valves

Episode one stars from Make Me A Millionaire Inventor
Bobbi Sue McCollum and Ken Blocker from this week’s episode of Make Me A Millionaire Inventor

Season 2 of Make Me A Millionaire Inventor kicks off tonight — and it’s all about saving lives.

The premiere episode features two entrepreneurs whose inventions are all about keeping people alive.

Host Deanne Bell teams up with Bobbi Sue McCollum, the face behind Goldilocks Valves — which aim to totally transform the way that paramedics and nurses give people CPR.

Meanwhile, George Zaidan spends time with former firefighter Ken Blocker, who came up with the idea for the Aqua Blaster — a harness that can be worn by crews when tackling infernos to keep them safer.

He’s been developing it for 16 years — but is now the time his idea will make it big?

Make Me A Millionaire Inventor finds big ideas which the hosts believe can make it big — then follows them and their creators as they try and take them to market.

We get to see the ideas made into prototypes and tested before the ultimate big day in every entrepreneur’s life — the pitch.

We also get to hear the sometimes incredible backstories of the sacrifices inventors make to try and bring their ideas to fruition.

The premiere of Make Me A Millionaire Inventor airs tonight at 10pm ET/PT on CNBC.

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