Major Orville guest star teased: Was that Bruce Willis as the huge flower?

Major Orville guest star teased: Was that Bruce Willis as the huge flower?
The Orville guest stars have added another big name. Pic credit: Fox

Before The Orville hit the air tonight, Seth MacFarlane sent out a tease. He told fans to watch out for a huge Orville guest star appearance and challenged them to find out who it was.

He got a lot of fans excited.

Who was the Orville guest star?

First up, there were a number of Orville guest stars on the show tonight on the episode titled “Deflectors.”

Kevin Daniels showed up tonight a Moclan named Locar — Bortus’s former boyfriend. Also, Mike Henry was back as Dann.

Well, it turns out that the major surprise Orville guest star that Seth MacFarlane was talking about was the giant flower known as the Catrudian in Kelly’s room.

Twitter immediately leapt into acton and recognized the voice instantly as Bruce Willis.

Bruce Willis on The Orville

It is clear that the Orville has a ton of fans and when Seth MacFarlane sends out a challenge like this, they are sure to race to meet it. With many characters under heavy prosthetics, it is often hard to recognize anyone.

However, thanks to the fame of someone like Bruce Willis — from Die Hard to this year’s Glass — his voice is impossible to miss.

This would just be the latest of the great Orville guest stars over the show’s existence. Bruce Willis joins a list that includes names like Charlize Theron, Rob Lowe, Patrick Wharburton, Jason Alexander, and Norm MacDonald.

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