Madison gatecrashes Brits and Josh Flagg plans proposal on Million Dollar Listing LA

Josh and his client
Hijacking someone else’s even on Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles

On this week’s episode of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, Madison shows how cheeky he is and Josh intends to propose.

There is trouble in paradise as the Brits are unhappy with Madison and his team piggy backing their viewing event. Whilst potential buyers are checking out the Malibu home, Madison and his team are telling them about another under-construciton home just across the valley. They even take them out on the terrace so they can get a better view of it!

Josh and his client
Josh and his client, who can’t resist making a quick $100K

On a happier note Josh Flagg and Bobby are headed to the world’s most romantic city, Paris. But will Josh’s plans to propose to Bobby work out?

Also on this episode,  Josh Altman has buyer interested in his client’s Hollywood Hills home but the client has an offer of $100K from a movie studio looking to use the house for 8 weeks.

He tells an exasperated Josh that the home is an income stream, Josh reminds him that he’s just forked out $20K on advertising but the client is not moved.

Catch Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles – Co-List From Hell at 9 PM on BRAVO.

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