Made Man from Love & Hip Hop shot: Che Mack rushes to his side

Akbar V and Che Mack on Love & Hip Hop:Atlanta
Che Mack asks Akbar V to take her daughter so she can rush to Made Man’s side. Pic credit: VH1

The latest Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta teaser shows Che Mack rushing to the studio to ask Akbar V for the biggest favor — after revealing Made Man got shot.

She wants Akbar V to watch her daughter Ginger for her so she can rush to Made Man’s side. In the short clip, Che reveals that Made Man was shot before an image of an airplane is shown and we assume she is on it in order to get to wherever he is.

Naturally, learning that Made Man was shot has Love & Hip Hop fans scrambling to figure out exactly what happened here. After all, we were just learning about the rapper’s supposed cheating scandal earlier in the episode when Che found an open package of condoms in their house and now, all of that seems to be forgotten after news that her man’s life may be in danger.

In researching what may have happened to Made Man, since we all want to know, there’s some good news and bad news.

The good news is that Made Man seems to be just fine and has been posting on social media as recently as Monday night, just prior to Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta airing.

The bad news is that there is literally no information at all about the rapper Made Man being shot. His real name is Russell Mosely Jr. and there’s also no information about a shooting under his real name either.

Aside from the short clip of Che Mack rushing to be with him, we can’t find anything to show that Made Man was actually shot at all. So was he actually shot, or will we find out something else next week on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta when Che reunites with Made Man after the cheating allegations were made against him this week?

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta airs Mondays at 8/7c on VH1. 

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