Made in Staten Island canceled? Viewers worry as show is pulled from MTV’s Monday night lineup

Karina Seabrook on Made in Staten Island
Made in Staten Island is sparking cancellation rumors. Will this be the end for Karina Seabrook? Pic credit: MTV

Made in Staten Island has been missing from the Monday night lineup on MTV for a few weeks now. The show featured Karen Gravano’s daughter Karina Seabrook and her group of friends as they navigate life in New York.

There was plenty of pushback about the show giving Staten Island a bad name. Karen Gravano gained her claim to fame on Mob Wives as the daughter of Sammy “The Bull” Gravano. With the show canceled following the death of Big Ang, there were hopes that Made in Staten Island would fill the void viewers had from Mob Wives.

What happened to Made in Staten Island?

It has been just over a month since Made in Staten Island debuted on MTV. There has been no new episode for weeks now and viewers are worried it has been canceled.

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As of now, there has been no official announcement about what is going on with Made in Staten Island. The stars of the show promise that there is more in store, but according to the official schedule, episodes were supposed to air this week and last week. Unfortunately, they did not.

MTV isn’t known for being upfront about cancellations. In fact, just a few months ago, Pretty Little Mamas was pulled from the network with no information. The show vanished and it looks like Made in Staten Island is headed that way as well.

Viewers play the waiting game with Made in Staten Island

After only a handful of episodes aired, viewers want to know what happened with the Made in Staten Island kids. There was plenty of drama happening and now, there is no clear resolution. With Kayla and CP making up the night before his sentencing, there was plenty more

While there has been no official announcement from MTV about the cancellation of Made in Staten Island, things aren’t looking promising.

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