Lucifer Season 5B review Part 2: Of love, fears and Godlike desires

Lesley-Ann Brandt as Maze
Lesley-Ann Brandt as Maze and Inbar Lavi as Eve in Lucifer. Pic credit: NETFLIX © 2021

While the first three episodes of Lucifer Season 5B were fantastic, it feels like the show hit the jackpot with episodes 5×13 A Little Harmless Stalking, and 5×14 Nothing Lasts Forever. So much has happened in this second part of the season and I absolutely love the direction the show is taking.

We had Eve returning, Linda meeting her daughter, and Lucifer wanting to be God’s successor no matter what, just so he could prove that he was worthy. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

A mother’s love

I cannot stress enough how beautiful Linda’s journey has been this season. From the revelation that she had had a baby girl before Charlie in season 5A to their first official meeting as mother and daughter in A Little Harmless Stalking, Linda has been through all of the stages of acceptance.

Ever since she decided that Adriana was the one that should come to her — she didn’t want to force anything with the young woman — Linda has been doing some light stalking on her daughter. Just to keep tabs on her and to get to know her, even if it’s from afar. But when she witnessed Adriana walking into a house after driving like maniac, she didn’t hesitate to follow her daughter in.

She didn’t see Adriana, but she did find a dead body. So what is her first instinct, you ask? To defend her kid by incriminating herself in Adriana’s place. So when the police got there, she immediately confessed to a murder she didn’t commit. Of course, Chloe and Lucifer didn’t believe her, so eventually the truth came out that she just wanted to defend her daughter, who doesn’t even know she exists.

Her certainty that Adriana was innocent surprised Chloe and Lucifer, but Linda was adamant. She knew in her heart that her daughter was innocent, and she wouldn’t rest until she caught the real murderer. And of course, there were many twists and turns until they caught the real killer, but what really moved Linda was that Adriana got mixed up with a bad crowd because she wanted to help her sick mother.

And how beautiful is this twist that Linda was trying to help her daughter in the shadows while Adriana was trying to help her mother? Linda had every chance to tell Adriana who she really was, but in the end, she backed out. She had decided that the choice had to be Adriana’s and it eventually was.

When Adriana knocked on her door to thank her for her help with the case, I was already crying. When she revealed that she had guessed that Linda was her mother, I cried harder. And when she told Charlie that she was his sister, I was a sobbing mess.

This was, without a doubt, my favorite episode of the season so far, and I really hope we get to see Adriana again.

A demon’s love story

Eve is back! I am so, so excited to see her again because her relationship with Maze has been one of the coolest things that happened in the past couple of seasons. While I couldn’t really stand her when she first showed up and was attached to Lucifer’s hip, after she and maze teamed up, I started to love her.

The chemistry between Lesley-Ann Brandt and Inbar Lavi is out of this world, and watching them together is pure joy. The Devil’s right-hand demon and the first woman ever? Talk about an unorthodox pairing, right? But it works. It really, really works. Not to mention the representation this brings to our screen. Lucifer has never shied away from bringing diversity to our screens and it’s an absolute joy to see a love story between two women.

So imagine my surprise (and happiness!) when Maze ran into Eve during an investigation — culminating into one hell of fight sequence — the demon was not happy at all. After all, Eve abandoned her to go “find herself” and left a brokenhearted Maze behind at the end of Season 4.

To try and appease Maze a little bit, Eve came up with a story saying that what truly made her happy was when she was bounty hunting with Maze, so that’s why now she’s doing it solo. But she still had so much to learn and couldn’t Maze pretty please impart some of her wisdom on her?

Of course, that was all a front, and Eve eventually confessed that what truly made her happy was being with Maze, which is why she came back. And then she got shot and almost died, scaring the hell out of our favorite demon.

Remember how God “told” Maze that she could grow a soul? Yeah, she had her first taste of what it was like to have a soul when she watched Eve get shot and nearly die. So after confessing her undying love for the woman, Maze offered her mother’s immortality ring to Eve, who turned it down. She didn’t want to live forever. Mortality is what gives life meaning, it’s what encourages her to live life to the fullest and she wanted to do that with Maze.

My heart had already grown three sizes by then, but Maze smashed into a million tiny pieces when she said that if Eve didn’t want the ring, then she couldn’t do it. She was terrified, and she didn’t want to risk her heart. She didn’t want to feel the pain she felt when she thought Eve was going to die. And I get it, I do. But you shouldn’t let fear stop you, Mazikeen. She loves you!

Sigh. I truly hope they make up before the end of the season. My heart can’t take another hit.

Who wants to be God?

Meanwhile, God announced He wants to retire, remember? Even though Amenadiel is everyone’s first choice, but the angel had already decided that he loved living among humans too much — and he also had a family on Earth — so he definitely didn’t want to take his Father’s place.

Lucifer being Lucifer decided that he was the one that was replacing his Father as the new God, and started to do everything in his power to prove to the Almighty that he deserved the promotion. Chloe was obviously not happy about that but eventually told him that she would support him no matter what. She even went as far as saying that she was willing to give up being a detective. After all, she became a detective so she could help people; if she helped Lucifer become God, then she’d be helping him help an entire universe.

But before she came to this conclusion, God announced to all his children that He was retiring and gathered all angels on Earth. When He said that he needed a retirement plan, Lucifer made it his mission to come up with the perfect plan. In the end, the perfect plan turned out to be bringing the Goddess of all Creation — I screamed in joy when Tricia Helfer showed up on my screen! — and let God decide what He wants to do.

The Almighty decided that He wanted to go back with His wife to Her universe, so our plane of existence was officially Godless. Their goodbye scene in “Nothing Lasts Forever” had me sobbing, because God finally told Lucifer He loved him very much and that He was so proud of the man he had become. I know, I was drowning in tears too.

It’s important to remember, however, that Amenadiel found out that God wasn’t losing control of his powers at all. It turned out that, Michael being Michael, manipulated their Father into thinking He was and put the idea that He had to retire in His head.

Remember how Michael said he had a much bigger plan? This is what he wanted. He wanted to become God, and he was well on his way to accomplishing this goal. He tasked Gabriel to retrieve a dagger from the Goddess’ universe when she went to get their mother. And guess what, the dagger is the only thing that can kill an angel.

I’ll give you three guesses about who Michael wants to kill.

Other Lucifer highlights

  • While Daniel Espinoza: Naked and Afraid was a hell of a lot of fun, I’m still confused about why they decided to throw that standalone episode in there.
  • Let me say again how much I love Linda and Adriana and I’m hoping against hope we get to see this relationship develop further.
  • God gathering all the angels on Earth for His retirement party was everything.
  • Gabriel is the Angel of Gossip and I’m still cackling about it.

We’ll be back soon with part 3 of this Lucifer Season 5B review.

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shannon van
shannon van
2 years ago

sorrry that Dan died and supposedly went to hell