Lucha Underground exclusive: Season three rewind and what’s to come on El Rey

One thing is for sure, Season 4 of Lucha Underground — a wholly unique hybrid of Mexican Lucha Libre and WWE splash and trash — will bring more twists, turns, crushed tacos, and rivalries than we’ve ever seen before on El Rey network.

Lucha Underground is finally back after a touch-and-go hiatus, and we have the exclusive rewind of season three ahead of the new season next week.

The entire fourth season was taped in a brand new temple, with the same chained up Monster Matanza, senior official Marty Elias refereeing and new character Antonio Cueto minding the tribes. Observant Marty Elias fans can also see him in Netflix’s GLOW, where he was cast as a wrestling ref and also provided help with honing the cast’s moves.

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El Rey’s Lucha is an addictive soap-ish wrestling series loaded with bonafide killers and righteous athletes all with a great facility for creating and inhabiting wild characters too fascinating to not be intrigued by.

If you think you hate wrestling, we would wager that you’ve never seen a Lucha Underground match. #thisisawesome

The tribes and teams in season four are dominated by The Rabbit Tribe, Paul London’s hilarious trio of terrors who are akin to Alice in Wonderland on acid with corsets and gimp suits to boot.

The Rabbit Tribe, led by Paul London

The Reptile Tribe, led by a slithering and nimble Kobra Moon, Lord Pindar and The Luchasaurus Vibora are surprisingly fierce. Kobra Moon is a delight to watch as this female wrestler is built and moves like a dancer with the strength of someone thrice her size.

The Reptile Tribe mesmerize their foes like a snake charmer would

The Worldwide Underground is the muy macho grouping. They are a more anglo bunch led by Johnny “quit calling me Johnny Culo” Mundo with his sturdy Nordic Taya Valkyrie at the ready, plus Jack Evans, Johnny Mundo, and PJ Black.

Last season, Johnny Mundo took on Prince Puma and became Lucha Underground champion and his reign led him to take on some of the brightest stars in the wrestling world.

Cocky and self-assured, Johnny Mundo’s Worldwide Underground are bigger than life in the ring

It goes without saying that the Lucha Libre fans will eat up Pentagon Dark, King Cuerno, Dragon Azteca, Mil Muertes, Fenix, Drago, Ivelisse Velez, and Aerostar as they fly and catapult into the ring.

In season four make sure to watch for gluteal gifted Sonny Kiss as XOlicious, as he and Ivelisse are matched up as a team of sorts.

And everyone loves the Lucha stalwarts, Marty the Moth, Killshot, Willie Mack, Son of Havoc, and Brian Cage, aka The Machine. All these key players bring a wrestling cachet and cinematic-style presentation and athletic seriousness to this over-the-top chaotic conceit. It’s brilliant.

Drago is adored by fans, but will he escape Kobra Moon’s spell?

Vampiro and Matt Stryker will be back at the helm bringing you all the play-by-play mayhem from this brand-new temple.

Matt Stryker, Vampiro
Nobody calls the action like Stryker and Vampiro

During the production in February, Monsters and Critics was there to see a full three nights of Lucha being taped.

Antonio Cueto now runs the new temple, and we can confirm that he controls and unleashes his Monster Matanza at will in season four. Last season the Monster brought a new level of destruction to the temple.

Our mouths are shut and no spoilers, but let’s just say the Monster’s unpredictable appearance is truly a Depends undergarment moment in real-life ringside settings — he’s really scary. And if Antonio offers to buy you tacos for any reason, it’s a setup! Allegiances are a slippery eel in the sport of Lucha.

Watch for our exclusive interviews which will be popping up until the premiere, so keep an eye on M&C’s Wrestling feed.

You can count on old faces and brand new guest stars borrowed from other wrestling leagues to pop in and shake things up too. The big question will be if Dario Cueto — who has been missing since the Season 3 finale of “Lucha Underground,” Ultima Lucha Tres — will be brought back to oversee the matches once again.

Fans can rest easy as El Rey brings 22 action-packed gobsmacker Lucha episodes every Wednesday beginning June 13.


Lucha Underground premieres Wednesday, June 13 at 8 p.m. ET on the El Rey Network.

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