LP Tour 2019: Street Execs announce who from Little Women: Atlanta is going on tour

The Street Execs on Little Women: Atlanta
When it comes time to decide who is going on tour, the Street Execs just can’t decide. Pic credit: Lifetime

Season 5 of Little Women: Atlanta ended on Thursday night and after spending weeks trying to impress the Street Execs and land a spot on their summer tour, we learned who will be getting a shot and who will not.

There was a lot of tension this season as the artists in the Little Women: Atlanta cast knew they were competing against each other for what they believed would be one spot as the opening act of the tour.

The Cheeks ended up dropping out early, soon after Emily announced her pregnancy. And while Bri wanted to perform on her own, Emily tried to stop her at every possible chance.

She was ultimately successful in keeping Bri from going solo when she called her best friend home to help with her new baby after learning that she would be having the little boy much sooner than expected.

When it came time for the showcase, even Minnie and Juicy thought Abira blew it for all of them when she got drunk and made a total fool out of herself. During her song with Bumpman, Abira twerked and grinded on stage, making jaws drop throughout the crowd.

Then, after that performance, she continued her attention-seeking behavior all through the Tiny Twinz performance of Everyday. They were livid that Abira wouldn’t stop dancing provocatively and calling out to them from the side of the stage but they kept going.

After that, it was Abira’s turn to show everyone what she was working with (as if she hadn’t been already). She took the stage and immediately asked the DJ to stop the music so she could talk to the crowd.

Abira took her act to a whole new shocking level when she took off the dress she was wearing, revealing a very sparkly, risque black bodysuit and pantyhose outfit.

Then, she launched into Never Scared and it was just as gratuitous as the rest of her performances that night.

Abira on Little Women: Atlanta
Abira let loose at the Little Women: Atlanta showcase. Pic credit: Lifetime

“This is the final audition, not a damn strip club,” Minnie fumed in the confessional. “Put your damn clothes on girl!”

After the showcase was over, the group thought they had blown it. When it was time for the Street Execs to announce who would be headed out, they said it was just too hard to choose one winner.

Instead of picking just one act, the Street Execs decided they needed a full LP Tour because the showcase was a show in itself and they were completely entertained.

With the Little Women: Atlanta Tell All coming up next, many viewers want to know more about this LP Tour and where they might be performing.

Little Women: Atlanta airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Lifetime. 

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