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LoveSync on Shark Tank: Where to buy this product and what makes it special?

LoveSync on Shark Tank
Do couples need a button to sync up in the bedroom? Pic credit: Eric McCandless/ABC

LoveSync is an interesting gadget developed to help couples have more sex. Touting the line, “never miss a chance for romance,” the makers behind LoveSync are headed to Shark Tank in the hopes that one or more of the investors will see this innovative idea and want to put their money behind it.

Co-founders Ryan and Jenn Cmich are hoping that their LoveSync button can help couples solve the problem of when to have sex through the use of an app or with bedside buttons. It works by letting couples know when both partners are in the mood, making sure they never miss out on an intimate moment.

By using the buttons or the upcoming app, each side of a partnership can “press the button” when they’re ready for some loving. There’s no pressure on the other partner though because neither will be alerted about their partner’s wishes for passion unless they are both ready to make it happen (meaning they have both pressed the button).

Once both buttons have been pressed, they light up to let both sides of the couple know that it’s time to do the deed.

And while this may seem silly to those who will just speak up and make their wishes known, LoveSync is great for couples who just might not be in sync all the time. For example, couples who don’t go to bed at the same time or who don’t sleep in the same room could benefit greatly from this gadget and possibly even more so from the upcoming app.

For those looking to buy LoveSync, note that the app is still in development. On their website, those interested can sign up for app updates. Those who do can receive three months of free access to the LoveSync app once it launches to see if it helps improve their love life.

However, those people looking to get into the LoveSync right away can purchase the buttons on the LoveSync website for $73.00. The buttons are attached to an extra-long USB cord meant to stretch under the bed so that the buttons can be displayed on nightstands or tables on either side.

Shark Tank airs Sundays at 9/8c on ABC. 

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