Loved-up client uses her boobs to tempt Paul Nassif on Botched

Tahnee smiling
Tahnee is looking for professional help from Dr. Dubrow and a date with Dr. Nassif on Botched

This week on Botched, Dr. Nassif is feeling the heat as one busty client is looking for much more than a consultancy.

Tahnee is a bubbly and busty Canadian who thinks Dr. Nassif is very handsome and just the type of man she’d like to date. In fact she’s sees the initial meeting with him and Dr. Dubrow. as a bit of a first date, so much so that Dr. Dubrow is feeling a bit of a gooseberry.

Dr. Dubrow will be the one helping Tahnee with her breasts but what does she want Dr. Nassif to help her with?

Meantime, a former model is looking for some help with her nose before she walks up the aisle. She got some advice early in her modelling career to get a nose job, but it went terribly wrong. At one point the incompetent surgeon left her alone and conscious half way through an operation, where she was able to go to the bathroom herself and see all her bones and cartilage exposed!

Botched airs on Thursdays at 9:00 PM on E!

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