Love Island USA: who will Kyra choose in the recoupling ceremony, Cashel or Eric?

Cashel or Eric who will Kyra choose on Love Island USA
Love Island USA Kyra must choose between Eric and Cashell in the recoupling ceremony. Pic Credit: CBS/Timothy Kuratek

Another recoupling ceremony hits Love Island USA tonight, and it is going to be a doozy.

There are several given outcomes when it comes to the ladies and who they want to couple up with on the show. Elizabeth will choose Zac. Alexandra will choose Dylan. Caro will choose Ray, and Aissata will choose Yamen.

That leaves two love triangles in play. Eric, Kyra, and Cashel, as well as Kelsey, Weston, and Katrina, all face uncertainty heading into the recoupling ceremony.

Will Weston end up with Katrina or Kelsey? The answer to that is easy. It all depends on which lady gets the chance to choose him first.

The next love triangle is a bit more complicated. Kyra will choose between Cashel and Eric. She has been coupled up with Cashel for the past couple weeks, but they essentially broke up the other day.

Kyra pushed him away since there were too many red flags in their romance. Minutes later — or may a day later — Eric walked into the villa, setting his sights on her.

Eric’s blunt and honest approach of going after what he wants has intrigued Kyra. Despite Elizabeth and Alexandra’s warnings that Eric comes on too strong and is a player, Kyra has a connection with him.

Even though Kyra claims to be torn between Eric and Cashel, her actions make her choice pretty clear to viewers. It would be a complete shock if she didn’t choose Eric.

Not only does he appear to be more her type, but she has been super stand-offish with Cashel. Kyra wants more than she was getting from Cashel and Eric could be that guy.

Prediction is Kyra will choose Eric, leaving either Kelsey or Katrina, whoever doesn’t get a shot at Weston, to choose Cashel or Winston. Wow, life is getting a little confusing but fascinating in the Fiji villa.

Do you agree Kyra will choose Eric or do you think she will play it safe with Cashel?

Love Island airs weekdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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