Love Island USA: Who is single and who is in a couple?

Who is single and who is still in a couple on Loe Island USA
Love Island USA set two people home last week now there are more single people in the group. Pic Credit: CBS

Love Island USA ended its second week with two shocking departures on Friday night.

Host Arielle Vandenberg made a surprise visit that completely disrupted life in the Fiji villa. First, she clued the contestants in on which couples America deemed the most compatible.

Sadly, Arielle did not reveal the duo that earned the most votes. In no particular order, Zac and Elizabeth, Alexandra and Dylan, Cashel and Kyra, as well as Weston and Katrina received the highest amount of America’s votes. It came as no surprise that Caro and Cormac, plus Yamen and Christen were left fighting to stay alive in the villa.

Although fans assumed the least compatible couple would get booted from the island that was not the case. Instead, Arielle revealed a twist that put the fate of Yamen, Christen, Cormac, and Caro in the hands of the other islanders.

Arielle informed the eight safe contestants they had to pick one person from each couple to be sent home. There could be only one guy, and one girl left standing, and they could not be a couple.

The group stuck with the two people who had been there from day one. Yamen and Caro were saved. It came as no surprise they were chosen, their bond with the group was much stronger than Cormac and Christen.

Both were bummed to be leaving but Christen was truly devastated to not have more of a chance with Yamen. He was not happy either. Yamen even told her that he wants to get to know her better outside of the game. Does that mean Yamen is done looking for love?

Heading into the third week of the CBS summer reality show, there are two single guys and one single lady. Winston, Caro, and Yamen will all be looking to couple up for love, as well as to stay in Fiji.

In the preview for this week, the narrator alluded to a ship full of new singles storming the island. No details were given, but the arrival of more smoking hot singles is definitely going to rock the villa.

Love Island airs weekdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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