Love Island USA: Which two ladies did Christen and Katrina exile to the hideaway?

Christen and Katrina send two girls to the hideaway.
Two girls are sent to the hideaway so Christen and Katrina can spend time with two guys. Pic Credit: CBS/Colin Young-Wolff

Oh, how the tide has turned on Love Island USA! Last week the guys were sweating their relationships and the threat of being sent home when Dylan Curry and Cormac Murphy entered the villa.

Now that Katrina Dimaranan and Christen McAllister have come in, the ratio of men to women is 6 to 8. All the females are getting super territorial of their boys. And rightfully so too, because at least one chick is going to be sent packing soon.

The two new ladies have bonded with each other over the awkwardness of coming in and shaking things up. Neither one of them wants to step on anyone’s toes, but Katrina and Christen are there to find love, not make friends.

Christen and Katrina played speed dating with all six guys in an attempt to find a connection. As Caro, Kyra, Elizabeth, Mallory, Alexandra, and Alana looked on the two new additions met one by one with Zac, Cormac, Cashel, Weston, Yamen, and Dylan.

After spending two minutes with each buy, both ladies were intrigued by Yamen, which did not thrill Alana at all. He was a little too cautious, though, especially since it is clear he was into Christen.

Katrina also felt a connection with Weston. Even though she admitted he is not usually her type, there was a spark during their chat. Christen also set her sights on Cashel. They were feeling some serious vibes during their two-minute speed dating talk.

Once the game was over, the group gathered for an evening event that was going to rock the villa to its core. Katrina and Christen were each sent a text telling them to pick one girl to exile to the hideaway for the night.

By choosing to get rid of one of the ladies, Christen and Katrina were picking the guy they want to get to know better. Alana and Mallory were sent to the hideaway.

Weston will spend the night with Katrina, including sharing a bed, while Yamen will get to know Christen better, yes in bed too.

It is getting hot in the Fiji villa. Viewers will witness the fallout of those choices, as well as meet a hunky a new guy on tonight’s episode.

Love Island airs weekdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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