Love Island USA: Twitter has thoughts on Caro and her over the top behavior

Twitter is not a fan of Love Island USA's Caro.
Caro on Love Island USA has become Twitter’s number one target. Pic credit: CBSTimothy Kuratek

Love Island USA is in full swing, and social media is buzzing with thoughts on all of the cast members, especially Caro.

Caroline “Caro” Viehweg has made an unforgettable impression with viewers of the new CBS reality TV show. Her over the top behavior has made her quite the target for Twitter.

Memes of her craziness began flooding social media the second she was unwillingly paired with Cashel. She went from not into him, to keep your hands off my man in less than 24 hours.

Twitter agrees that Caro is shallow. Users have wasted no time calling out her lack of depth, which was apparent from the first five minutes of her being on the show.

Fans could get past her being shallow, but Twitter has had it with her baby talk voice. One user even stated when Caro uses the baby voice it hurts her entire body. Another one called it stupid and made them die inside every time she used it.

Everything Caro does is over the top and exaggerated.

In four days, she has tried to lay claims to Cashel, Michael and now Cormac. There is a consensus on Twitter that the girl has a type, and that type happens to be every single male on the show! However, the Irish stud does appear to be her perfect match, cocky, confident and shallow.

Caro’s man hopping is defiantly giving social media something to talk about and turn into memes. There have only been three episodes but Twitter is exploding with thoughts on the 21-year-old marketing student.

Fans may find her baby voice annoying, as well as her shallowness, but there is one thing social media agrees on, Caro makes for great entertainment on Love Island USA. Her extremes from one day to the next is the juicy drama fans want in a reality TV show.

Love Island airs weekdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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