Love Island USA ratings: is the CBS show a hit or miss?

Love Island USA ratings good or bad?
How are the ratings for Love Island USA? Pic Credit: CBS

Love Island USA has officially started airing but are fans loving it as much as the UK version?

On Tuesday night, CBS aired a 90-minute debut of the show where smoking hot singles are sequestered to a beautiful Fiji villa to find love. The network was hoping viewers would get hooked instantly with a more extended premiere.

However, Love Island is off to a dismal start. TV Line revealed the premiere brought in 2.7 million viewers, with the key demographic of adults 18-49 only coming in at 0.6 million. In comparison, Big Brother, CBS other significant summer show, has brought in around 1.5 million in the adults 18-49 demo this season.

It is important to remember Big Brother has been a summer staple for the network for almost two decades. Comparing the two shows in terms of ratings is definitely not apples to apples.

Last night’s episode held steady with 2.69 million viewers overall and 0.6 million adults 18-49. Even though the ratings are still low, viewership did not drop which bodes well for the show. It means people are giving it a chance.

Ratings may not have been stellar for Love Island, but social media has been buzzing about the show. Twitter especially has had an extremely positive reaction to the reality TV show.

Users are talking the most dramatic moments, as well as the cast members they love and hate. Several memes have already been created from Love Island, which is a positive sign people have interest in it.

Once social media is talking about the show, there is a good chance people will tune in for fear of missing out.

Plus, since Love Island is on five nights a week. There is more opportunity to lure viewers to the show since it is airing so frequently.

The Love Island app is now in play, where viewers get to make choices that affect each contestant. Any time there is a chance for fan interaction, it is a bonus for a television show.

Love Island ratings are down, but that does not mean the show is out. It is not an instant hit. However, that does not imply the CBS show is a miss, so stay tuned!

Love Island USA airs weekdays at 8/7c on CBS. 

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