Love Island USA online voting: How it works for 2019 premiere season

Here is how to vote in the 2019 premiere season of Love Island USA
The voting for the premiere season of Love Island USA has begun! Pic Credit: CBS/Colin Young-Wolff

Love Island USA is in full swing, which means online voting has begun. As the second week comes to an end, fan voting is kicking into high gear.

Last night at the end of the episode, viewers were allowed to vote for the couple they felt is the most compatible. The duo with the least amount of votes will likely have to say good-bye to their chance at finding love.

Fan voting is imperative to the show. Viewers will ultimately determine which couple walks away with the cash prize, as well as a potential life partner.


Therefore, viewers need to know how online voting will work for the 2019 premiere season of Love Island USA.

It is pretty simple. First, anyone who wants a say in whether or not a couple like Yamen and Christen, stay or go will need to download the official Love Island app. All voters need to be over 18-years-old or have the consent of a parent/legal guardian.

The Love Island USA host will prompt viewers when it is time to vote. It generally happens at the end of the show, so fans should not walk away before the official credits roll.

One of the reasons it is essential to stick around for the announcement is because voting does not last very long. Although this could change as the show continues, the past couple of times viewer voting was opened, it only lasted 30 minutes.

Oh yes, since the show is being relayed to viewers in “real-time,” the opportunity to vote is quick. Fans need to make sure they pay attention to how long they have to cast their official vote.

The two things Love Island USA fans need to do to vote in the 2019 premiere season, download the app and pay attention at the end of each episode.

Who is ready to start sending couples packing? Which pair do you think will get the boot first?

Love Island airs weekdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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