Love Island USA: is Katrina or Kelsey a better match for Weston?

Weston is torn between Katrina and Kelsey on Love Island USA
Love Island USA has a new love triangle should Weston chose Kelsey or Katrina? Pic Credit CBS/Timothy Kuratek/

Cowboy Weston Richey has become one hot commodity on Love Island USA. The Texan hunk is caught between two ladies, who are both working hard to win his heart.

Beauty queen Katrina Dimaranan and the blonde with the piercing eyes, Kelsey Jurewicz are smitten with Weston. He chose Katrina last week, sending OG girl Mallory Santic packing.

However, Weston feeling under the weather for a couple of days and being MIA in the villa, threw a wrench in the time he got to spend with Katrina. The two didn’t get an ample opportunity to bond before a new group of singles stormed the island.

Kelsey immediately turned Weston’s head away from Katrina. He told her she had a natural beauty. Seriously, the cowboy kept covering his eyes during their conversation because he said her eyes were luring him in.

It was a funny and awkward moment that both of them clearly enjoyed. Later Kelsey chose Weston to join her on a beach date. He became more enchanted by her during their date. There was no denying the love spark between those two.

Weston left the date saying he felt conflicted between Kelsey and Katrina. However, an uncomfortable chat with Katrina left viewers feeling he had already made his choice, and it was not her.

Katrina and Kelsey are two very different types of girls, physically, personality-wise, and emotionally. Weston could not have picked two people that were more opposite to be attracted to.

In the end, though, he is going to have to choose one of them, and it should be Katrina. The two appear to have a connection beyond being physically attracted to each other.

His interest in Kelsey comes across as purely physical. Seriously all he talked about is her beauty. Granted it has only been a day or two since she arrived in the villa so that could change, but it doesn’t seem too likely.

If Weston truly wants to find lasting love, he needs to go with the woman he has a deeper bond with than purely physical. Hopefully, he doesn’t make the wrong choice!

Love Island airs weekdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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