Love Island USA: Fans sound off after Cashel and Katrina’s emotional elimination

Love Island fans are not happy Cashel and Katrina got eliminated.
Cashel and Katrina were sent home and Love Island fans are sounding off. Pic Credit: Colin Young-Wolff/CBS

Love Island USA fans are sounding off after the emotional elimination that ended Cashel and Katrina’s time in the villa.

It was one of the most challenging nights in Fiji. America’s vote left Eric and Kyra, Cashel and Katrina, and Aissata and Yamen as the three least favorite couples in the villa. They were all instantly in jeopardy of being sent packing.

Once again, instead of the couple with the least votes getting the boot, host Arielle Vandenberg told the islanders that they had to kick one couple to the curb. It has become a trend on the CBS show to have the villa guests make the final call on who stays or goes.

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Love Island USA vote

Alexandra and Dylan, Zac and Elizabeth, Caro and Ray, and Weston and Kelsey all unanimously voted out Cashel and Katrina. It was the saddest elimination to date in the Fiji villa. The tearful goodbyes were more difficult than the islanders expected.

Viewers struggled to watch the heartfelt elimination, as well. Cashel had a special moment with Kyra, giving her a goodbye present to prove just how much he loved her. It was a touching gesture that upped his street cred with fans that were previously mad at him for shading Zac.

Several Twitter users agreed that Kyra was going to regret coupling up with Eric. Fans are certain karma is going bite her, and he will ditch her for a newbie next week. There was no sympathy for a distraught Kyra, who clearly regrets letting Cashel go.

Fans thought Cashel deserved better than the way Kyra treated him and were bummed that he did not get a chance at love. It was a sentiment echoed for Katrina too, who fans felt never got a shot at romance after Weston ditched her. Everyone wanted the beauty queen to find love.

Love Island USA social media backlash

Social media uproar also targeted Yamen. Fans have wanted him gone since he trashed Alana. There is a consensus that Cashel and Katrina deserved to stay over Aissata and Yamen. The one question most Love Island USA fans want to be answered is, why does Yamen keep getting saved?

As the third week of Love Island USA comes to an end, fans are speaking their minds. Cashel and Katrina deserved to stay. The hate for Yamen has not subsided. Viewers want him out of the villa.

Kyra is the girl who keeps guys in the friend zone until they move on, then she changes her mind. She treated Cashel like dirt but is now breaking down over his elimination. Her stock plummeted this week.

Last but not least, Weston went from good guy to slime-ball. The cowboy ditched Katrina for his infatuation with Kelsey’s looks. He bashed Zac for spending too much time with Elizabeth. Plus, his cocky, arrogant side came out in full effect and it is not attractive at all.

Do you agree with fans’ thoughts on Cashel, Katrina, Yamen, Weston, Kyra, and Eric?

Love Island airs weekdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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