Love Island USA: Fans question the outcome of America’s vote to save Kelsey and Eric – did production play a part?

Fans are wondering about Love Island USA vote after Kelsey and Eric were safe.
Love Island USA fans think producers might be rigging America’s votes. Pic Credit: CBSColin Young-Wolff

Love Island USA saw two new islanders get the boot last night. Host Arielle Vandenberg shocked the Fiji villa by announcing two of the new six singles would be headed home.

America voted the night before to determine the two safe newcomers. Arielle told the villa residents that America voted to keep Eric and Kelsey.

The guys picked the other female that got to stay, and the ladies chose the other male they wanted to be in the villa. Ray and Aissata were the chosen ones, which meant George and Marli got the boot.

Fans on social media today are wondering if the vote was legit or if producers intervened. Eric and Kelsey are certainly bringing the drama to Fiji. He is stirring up trouble for Cashel and Kyra, while she is determined to steal Weston from Katrina.

One user pointed out the irony of the show focusing a significant portion of the last two episodes on Kelsey and Eric, then those two are saved by America. A different user also expressed the “coincidence” of their safety, as well as that the two do bring the drama.

Another user noted they did not see one vote on the app for Kelsey or Eric. Twitter even referred to Eric and Kelsey being safe as “the worst pick ever.”

There are several more remarks on social media insinuating the producers are behind America’s vote, not fans. It is not only coming across as super shady to viewers but has Twitter users wondering what the point is of fan voting.

Arielle does not disclose the number of votes each islander received, and the app does not display it either. The lack of information is not helping squash fan speculation that producers are flipping America’s votes to bring more drama to the show.

Do you think there is something shady going on with the Love Island USA America votes?

Love Island airs weekdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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