Love Island USA: Fans have mixed emotions over Yamen and Aissata elimination

Fans have mixed emotions about Yamen and Aissata leaving Love Island USA
Yamen and Aissata leaving Love Island USA has fans conflicted. Pic Credit: CBS

Last night Yamen and Aissata were dumped from Love Island USA. Fans have been pushing hard for Yamen to leave the Fiji villa since he ditched Alana weeks ago.

However, there are mixed emotions today about the couple leaving, especially since they appeared to have a genuine connection. Viewers are conflicted when it comes to Yamen and Aissata leaving the CBS show, despite not really liking him.

Several Twitter users feel the couple got a raw deal, and perhaps their ousting was not based solely on America’s votes. It is hard to believe viewers chose Kyra and Jared, who have no chemistry, over Yamen and Aissata to stay in the villa.

There is speculation that perhaps production once again got involved. Last week fans question the outcome of one of America’s vote’s, suggesting production intervened to ensure more drama on the show.

Kyra brings the drama. Her conflict with Weston, as well as feelings for Emily makes for great television. Could it be producers felt she was more worthy of screen time than the couple that was eliminated?

Regardless of the rigged allegations floating around social media, a good portion of Twitter is still thrilled Yamen is finally gone. It has been a long time coming for Alana fans who wanted revenge on Yamen.

There is a slew of sympathy for Aissata from social media. She was simply caught up in the crossfire of the hate for Yamen.

One question several fans keep asking is if it is fair to judge Yamen for not having a connection with Alana. Since he was paired up with Aissata, the wannabe firefighter has appeared committed. The couple even said they planned on pursuing the relationship once they were outside the villa.

Love Island USA is winding down, but fan opinions are getting stronger. Today there is mixed emotion about Aissata and Yamen being dumped from the Fiji villa.

Some fans believe the couple got a raw deal. Others think Yamen finally got what was coming to him. Several people are even backtracking on their initial dislike of Yamen.

Fan opinion on Aissata and Yamen elimination is very divided. Did the couple deserve to be ousted before Jared and Kyra or was it Yamen’s time to go?

Love Island USA airs weekdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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