Love Island USA couple update: Who is still together and who might have called it quits?

Love Island USA which couples are still together/
Love Island USA couple update. One finale duo might be over. Pic Credit: CBS

It has been two weeks since the finale of Love Island USA aired on CBS. The moment the islanders left the Fiji villa, fans began to wonder who is still together and who has called it quits.

A life off the island is undoubtedly going to be challenging for some of the Love Island USA couples. Six couples ended up leaving Fiji in a relationship or at least hoping to pursue a romance outside the reality TV show.

Zac and Elizabeth

Zac Mirabelli and Elizabeth Weber not only found love on the show but were also the winners of Love Island USA. Elizabeth was also the winner of $100,000. She chose to share it with her love, Zac, cementing her feelings for him even more.

These two are still going strong. Elizabeth recently shared an Instagram photo of her and Zac letting fans know he just met the rest of her family and a slew of friends. Zac also shared a video from his weekend visiting his lady love.

It looks like these two are finding a way to keep the romance alive despite living in different cities.

Dylan and Alexandra

Dylan Curry and Alexandra Stewart were the runner-up couple on the reality TV show. They became boyfriend and girlfriend official before leaving the Fiji villa.

Once they left the island, fans were concerned Dylan was not there for love. He began liking and friend requesting several ladies on social media, which did not sit well with fans.

There was no cause for worry, Dylan is all about Alexandra. He has shared a few photos on Instagram expressing his gratitude for meeting Alexandra. She has used Instagram stories to let fans know she is always on Face Time with her man.

Weston and Emily

Weston Richey claimed Emily Salch was the one for him. Fans were skeptical, though, because they were a couple for a week. Plus, she was the third woman he claimed to have feelings for.

The couple is proving the doubters wrong. Weston is working overtime to let his followers know he and Emily are the real deal. He not only just visited her in New York, but the cowboy teased they are working on a joint project.

Weston even asked fans for suggestions on where to take Emily on vacation. She has yet to post about him on social media. Her silence has some fans wondering if Weston is more into her than she is him.

Ray and Caro

Ray Gantt and Caro Viee found romance later on Love Island USA. They were another duo that viewers weren’t too convinced would last outside the Fiji villa.

Since leaving the island, Caro has been working hard to let fans know Ray is still her guy. Yes, based on her Instagram page, the romance between Ray and Caro is in full bloom.

It is not one-sided either. Ray used Instagram to let his followers know he was crazy about Caro. He also expressed how excited he is to explore the relationship outside the villa.

Cashel and Kyra

Cashel Barnett and Kyra Green are officially a couple. It took him leaving for her to realize she loved him.

When Kyra was booted from the villa, Cashel was there to rekindle the romance. She called him the second she left the villa, but he surprised her by being in Fiji.

They only live 30 minutes away from each other, so it was easy to embark on their romance off the island. Kyra and Cashel are proudly showing off their relationship on Instagram. These two appear to have found the one.

Yamen and Aissata

Yamen Sanders and Aissata Diallo did not make the finale on Love Island USA. He insisted that he wanted a relationship with her outside the villa and Yamen also told Christen McAllister he would call her when the show was over.

Last week, during an interview on The Morning Toast, Alexandra alluded to the fact that Yamen did call Christen once he left Fiji. However, the day before the interview, Yamen posted a picture of him and Aissata. She has not posted about him on social media since the show ended.

The jury is still out on whether Yamen and Aissata are an item or have called it quits.

What are your thoughts on the Love Island USA couple update?

Love Island USA will air new episodes in summer 2020 on CBS.

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