Love Island USA couple update: Who is ending 2019 together?

Love Island USA couple update
Some Love Island USA couples that are still together and others have broken up. Pic credit: Colin Young-Wolff/CBS

It has been five months since Love Island USA ended. Several couples left the villa together and some came together after the show ended.

The CBS show won’t return until next summer, which means it could be months before fans get a reunion show if there is one at all. Until then, social media is the biggest clue fans have to determine who is ending 2019 together and who has called it quits.

Kelsey Jurewicz and Weston Richey

After jumping from lady to lady, Kelsey Jurewicz was the one to catch Weston Richey’s eye and keep it. There was a little turmoil in the beginning, but the Texas cowboy won the heart of the Long Island beauty.

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Weston and Emily have found a way to make distance and life outside the Fiji villa work. They recently spent the holidays together and looked happier than ever. It is a bit shocking that Emily and Weston are still a couple — fans were certainly betting against the duo.


Caro Viee and Ray Gantt

Another one that did a little bed hoping was Caro Viee — but she finally found her match in Ray Gantt. She was looking for “the one” and would not settle for anything less than her soulmate. As the weeks in the villa began to wind down, Ray walked in and captured Caro’s heart.

The duo is still going strong — months later. Ray even gushed over his lady love in a birthday tribute to Caro on Instagram. It looks like Caro and Ray are getting their happily ever after, so far, at least.


Kyra Green and Cashel Barnett

Kyra Green and Cashel Barrett’s road to love was not easy. In the end, though, she realized he was her soulmate, and they embarked on a romance after the CBS reality TV show. Cashel and Kyra were all over each other’s social media feeds for months. They even started a YouTube channel together.

In October, they shocked fans by revealing they broke up by posting a video to their channel. However, as of the end of November, they were back together. Kyra had been posting photos of them together, sparking fans to ask if they reunited. Finally, she replied yes in the comments section. They will be ringing in the new year together.

Alex Stewart and Dylan Curry

Alex Stewart was smitten with Dylan Curry from the second he entered the Fiji villa. They quickly coupled up and spent the rest of the show falling in love. After the show ended, Alex and Dylan were all over social media together.

Fans were convinced they were the real deal, but their love did not last. They used Instagram stories to announce their breakup at the end of November. It sounds mutual. Both of them cited that romance does not always work out the way people hoped.

Elizabeth Weber and Zac Mirabelli

Elizabeth Weber and Zac Mirabelli won the first season of Love Island USA. They were coupled up from the beginning and in love by the time they walked out of the villa. Zac and Elizabeth found love and won money — not a bad way to spend their summer.

Fans were convinced the duo was in it for the long haul. Sadly, that was not the case. Zac took to Instagram Stories two weeks ago to reveal that he and Elizabeth had gone their separate ways. He explained that they made the decision together and will be forever grateful for meeting on the reality TV show.

Other couples that called it quits after Love Island USA include Yamen Sanders and Aissata Diallo. They ended their romance because he wanted a second chance with Christen McAllister. The romance was short-lived for Yamen and Christen as well. She revealed when the cast reunited in October that she was single again.

Eric Hall and Alana Morrison got flirty with each other at the cast reunion. They alluded to a possible romance but played coy in all of the social media videos. Neither one has commented on whether or not they have made a love connection.

Love Island USA will return in summer 2020 on CBS.

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