Love Island USA couple Cashel and Kyra break up: Is it really over?

Kyra Green and Cashel Barrett from Love Island USA are over.
Love Island USA couple Cashel Barrett and Kyra Green have broken up. Pic credit: CBS/Timothy Kuratek

Kyra Green and Cashel Barnett were one of the fan-favorite couples to come out of Love Island USA. Despite Kyra ditching Cash for a chance at love with Eric Hall, they found their way back together when she left the villa.

After learning that Kyra declared her love for him, Cashel flew to Fiji to be there when Kyra left the villa. Their emotional reunion resulted in the decision to give romance another try in the real world.

Cash and Kyra became Instagram official and started a YouTube channel once the CBS summer reality TV show ended. Romance blossomed for the duo in the real world. They quickly became couple goals, with fans loving the adorable, meant to be pair.

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At the Love Island USA cast reunion in October, Kyra and her man appeared to be more in love than ever. Based on social media footage, that is, since the reunion was untelevised.

Days later, though, they shocked fans by announcing their breakup in a YouTube video.

The former couple admitted it was a mutual break. Cashel did most of the talking. He revealed both he and Kyra need to work on themselves separately. They, of course, have nothing but love for each other.

In the video, Kyra makes it clear there is no bad blood between them. She claims they will continue to support each other in life and will still “ship” each other.

Since the breakup video posted, Kyra and Cash have not shared any other footage to their YouTube channel.

However, they have appeared on each other’s Instagram feeds. One week ago, they posted the same photos. Cash grouped her in with a group of people he loves, while Kyra referred to the images as “late nights.”

Cashel Barrett and Kyra Green from Love Island USA have broken up. They are still spending time together, though, giving fans hope they might rekindle their romance.

Also, the amicable and polite way they split, has their followers thinking the break up is more of a relationship break. It didn’t seem like a romance was ending in the footage. There is no question Kyra and Cashel care about each other deeply.

There is a genuine love there but is enough for a long-lasting romantic relationship? Only time will tell what the future holds for Cash and Kyra.

Love Island USA will return for Season 2 in summer 2020 on CBS.

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