Love Island USA cast spills island secrets at reunion party

Love Island USA cast reunited to spill secrets from the show.
The cast of Love Island USA gathered for a reunion. Pic credit: Colin Young-Wolff/CBS

The Love Island USA cast had a reunion party where island secrets were spilled on Thursday night in Los Angeles.

It was the first time the Season 1 cast has been together since leaving the Fiji villa in August. The reunion party sadly won’t be television, but clips from the night are all over social media. Fans were able to ask their favorite islanders any question from their time in the villa to life back in the real world.

Zac Mirabelli and Elizabeth Weber clued fans in to things they like physically about each other. Zac is all about her buns and eyes. Elizabeth wasted no time complimenting her man on his hair.

Cashel Barnett admitted he felt empty after leaving the Fiji villa. The reason is that after spending days with the same group of people a bond was built. He compared it to leaving summer camp. Cashel also revealed the energy on the island was amazing and he still misses it daily.

Alana Morrison dished on the most awkward moment for her on the island. No, it was not getting dumped by Yamen Sanders. She was in her bonnet and glasses when two new guys came into the villa.

The 21-year-old didn’t share their names, but it was likely Cormac Murphy and Dylan Curry because Alana wasn’t on the island very long. It was embarrassing since she was supposed to be trying to make a connection with everyone in the villa.

Kyra Green and Katrina Dimaranan dished what they did immediately after getting booted from the villa. Kyra was met by her now-boyfriend Cash when she was exiled from the villa. She had no qualms about letting fans know they had an intimate night in the hotel suite designated by producers.

Katrina didn’t have quite the joyous experience as her pal Kyra. She had a more low-key evening full of food. Katrina admitted to ordering a feast for herself, once she got to her hotel suite.

One of the best moments from the night was Aissata Diallo and Christen McAllister busting out Yamen. A fan asked Aissata how she felt about Yamen leaving her for Christen after the CBS reality TV show ended.

The two ladies jointly answered that they got played by the 24-year-old. Christen made it clear they are not labeling him a bad guy, but he did get one over on them. Aissata revealed that two weeks after leaving the villa, Yamen admitted he was interested in pursuing a relationship with Christen.

Their conversation has led fans to believe Yamen and Christen are longer an item. She and Aissata appeared pretty tight at the reunion, each talking about him as if he was part of their past. Christen and Yamen’s Instagram accounts also indicate they are no longer an item.

Emily Salch, Jered Youngblood, Anton Morrow, George Johnson, Kelsey Jurewicz, Raymond Gantt, Marli Tyndall, Eric Hall, Winston Hines, Katrina Dimaranan, Weston Richey, Mallory Santic, Alexandra Stewart, Caro Viehweg Michael Yi, and Matthew Hoffman, who was the voice over on the show, attended the reunion party. Host Arielle Vandenberg was also on hand for the festivities.

Love Island USA will return to CBS for Season 2 in summer 2020.

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