Love Island USA: Are Yamen Sanders and Aissata Diallo still together?

Did Yamen and Aissata form Love Island USA split?
Love Island USA couple update. Sre Yemen and Aissata still together? Pic credit: Colin Young-Wolff/CBS

It has been exactly one month since the finale of Love Island USA. The CBS reality TV show ended with six couples walking off into the sunset together.

Out of the six duos that left the Fiji island in a relationship, fans were skeptical of two of the budding romances. Yamen Sanders and Aissata Diallo were at the top of that list.

Even though they both said they wanted to give the relationship the old college try, viewers knew Yamen was a player from day one. Twitter exploded on him when he dumped Alana for Christen.

Then, when Christen got the boot, Yamen swore he wanted to get to know her outside the villa. His sincerity lasted about a second.

Once Aissata showed up in Fiji, she became the next object of his affection. Viewers were sure Yamen would ditch Aissata, especially after she revealed she was saving herself for marriage.

However, during one of the competitions, Yamen learned social media thought he was a player. It became a changing point for him.

Yamen ended up sticking it out with Aissata. Fans were convinced he only did that because he didn’t want to have the player status anymore.

Shortly after leaving the villa, Yamen and Aissata both revealed they were making the relationship work. One month later and fans are dying to know if the duo is still together?

Based on their social media accounts, it does not look like they are a couple.

Yamen has only appeared on Aissata’s Instagram feed in a post about their Love Island USA eviction. To be fair, it seems she uses her social media account strictly for business.

All of her posts are to promote her modeling career or brand collaborations. There are no posts with friends or family. If Aissata only uses her Instagram to further her career that could explain why Yamen has not popped up on it.

Speaking of the model/real estate agent, he has not posted a peep about Aissata in the last three weeks. He last shared a picture of the duo with the captions “ISSA CHOCOLATE THING.”

Unlike Aissata, Yamen does use his social media account for both business and personal posts. He has shared several posts with his former Love Island USA cast members, especially Cashel Barrett.

Instagram is not all-defining. The fact Yamen and Aissata are not posting about each other leads fans to believe they have called it quits, though.

There might be a slim chance they are choosing to keep the relationship private. However, they did meet on a reality TV show, so it seems unlikely Yamen and Aissata want to keep the romance hidden.

Only one thing is for sure. Neither one is speaking out on their relationship. Do you think Aissata and Yamen broke up or are keeping their relationship on the down-low?

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