Love Island spoilers: When is the next recoupling?

When is the next recoupling ceremony on Love Island USA?
A recoupling ceremony is coming up on the next Love Island USA. Pic Credit: Colin Young-Wolff/CBS

Fans were promised one of the most shocking recoupling ceremonies to date on Love Island USA last night. However, the clock ran out, and there was no recoupling. Instead, fans were left waiting to find out what drama will unfold on the summer reality TV show.

Thankfully, viewers will get to see the recoupling play out on tonight’s episode. It is no fun waiting, but CBS certainly knows how to make sure fans are going to tune into the next episode.

It is lady’s choice tonight, which means one fella will be sent packing. There are obviously a few guys that are not in jeopardy of being kicked out of the Fiji villa.

Elizabeth will stick with Zac. They are endgame. Alexandra will keep Dylan, despite his recent comments about Emily. Aissata is all about Yamen. So, she will choose him.

Then it gets a little tricky. Caro has been waiting for a guy with Anton’s looks to walk into the villa. However, she is smitten with Ray too and has a connection with him.

It is Caro, though. She has been smitten a lot in the villa. Therefore, she is a wild card. Both Ray and Anton have a 50-50 chance right now.

The islanders left are Kyra, Kelsey, Emily, Weston, Eric, and Jered. These six are all intertwined as well. Eric and Weston have a thing for Emily, which has caused problems for one couple already.

Kelsey is coupled up with Weston, but his newfound feelings for Emily are causing her to have second thoughts about the cowboy. Jered has set his sights on Kyra. She doesn’t really appear to reciprocate his interest. Their entire date, Kyra came across as placating him, since he chose her as his date.

Kyra already admitted she is not feeling Eric, either, following Cashel’s dramatic exit. She does have her eye on Emily, though, making Kyra the third islander to have an interest in the newest lady in the villa.

It all comes down to who Emily wants to couple up with. If she chooses Weston, Kyra and Kelsey will each have to pick a guy. All bets are off on who either of them would want as a partner.

Should Emily choose Eric, then Kelsey will likely stick with Weston and Kyra might give Jered a shot. Now, if Emily decides to throw caution to the wind and pick Kyra, then more than one guy is going home. Maybe even up to three men will leave Fiji tonight.

The point is this recoupling is a wild card. There are so many variables fans have not seen yet this summer. It is hard to say who is going to stay and who is headed home.

Who do you think Emily and Caro are going to choose?

Love Island USA airs weekdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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