Snoop opens up about her love life and the loss of her foster mom on Love & Hip Hop

Love & Hip Hop - Snoop
Snoop open up and has a real heart-to-heart with her godmother on Love & Hip Hop

On this week’s episode of Love & Hip Hop, Bianca is honest about her feeling for Drewski and Snoop faces up to her past and gets some advice.

Snoop is in Baltimore and uses the time to speak with her godmother Denise about her relationship with J. Adrienne and the death of her much-loved foster mom.

She tells Denise that although she loves J so much, she find it hard to deal with the negativity.

Denise, Snoop's godmother
Denise comforts Snoop and also gives her some advice, you can tell how close they are

Denise has her own ideas about J and finds it strange she’d never dated a girl before Snoop and she also reckons it has all gone too fast. She tells Snoop that J might just have wanted to see what doors she Hip Hop star could open for her.

Snoop doesn’t think that, but she does reckon J is far to self-centered.

They then then start to talk about Snoop’s foster mother, who raised her from when she was a tiny underweight baby. Crying she tells Denise how much she regrets not being there when her foster mom died and feels bad she was put in a care home so far away.

In emotional scenes she promises to bring her foster mom’s body back home, where people can visit her grave and where she belongs.

Bianca also opens up this episode, about the way she feels about Drewski and later Yandy and Erika’s relations get even tenser that they were.

Watch Love & Hip Hop – Lock and Key at 8 PM on VH1.

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