Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood Season 5 Episode 11: Ray J cuts ties with A1

Ray J talks to Marcus Black
Ray J is done with A1 in Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. Credit: VH1

In Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood Season 5 Episode 11, Ray J kicks A1 out of his squad following their fall out over Lyrica and Safaree’s alleged affair. 

In a preview for the next episode, Ray J states that he is replacing A1 with Roccstar. A1 has a hip-hop producer feud with Roccstar, which suggest the One Wish singer is looking to get under A1’s skin. 

While Lyrica has strongly denied having an affair, Safaree has not been forthcoming. When giving the chance to set the record straight, Nicki Minaj’s ex-boyfriend refused to give an answer, which led A1 to attack his former friend.  

Solo Lucci was initially hesitant to accept Roccstar as A1 Bently’s replacement but finally accepted him after Ray made a proper introduction. On the other hand, Marcus Black refuses to go ahead with Ray J’s plan.   

Roccstar stated in the preview that A1 had a gastric bypass and claims he has information on Lyrica, which Marcus demands he reveals. 

In Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood Season 5 Episode 11, Lyrica spends the weekend with A1’s mother at a beach house. The two have been at odds since A1 accused Lyrica of cheating with Safaree.  

Roccstar makes a confession that will surprise fans. Over in London, Brooke Valentine reveals information about Nikki Baby’s love life. 

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