Love & Hip Hop Hollywood: Princess slams Brandi for betraying husband Max’s trust

Brandi Boyd on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood
Brandi reveals her shady business deal to Princess on tonight’s Love & Hip Hop Hollywood

On Love & Hip Hop Hollywood tonight, Princess Love slams Brandi Boyd after she betrays husband Max Lux’s trust with a shady business deal and string of lies.

Max gave her $27,000 last week to put into a savings account to help secure their son’s future.

But instead of keeping the money safe and secure she has used it to pump the money into her clothing store called Jhalaé.

She invites Princess round to the boutique in Inglewood to meet her business partner Jamila and have a look around.

But then she drops the bombshell of how she used Max’s money to buy her share in the shop — and hasn’t put a single cent into the account for her son.

She tries to excuse her actions by saying she’s going to make the business work. She adds: “I know that’s not what Max thinks I am doing with this money, but I intend to turn that $27,000 into $270,000 real quick.”

She then begs Princess not to tell Ray J, and admits that whenever she’s been spending time doing up the boutique she’s been telling Max that she’s been spending time with Princess.

Princess says Brandi’s actions are “basically betrayal” towards Max — and is furious that she now also wants her to lie to Ray after using her as an alibi.

Princess says: “How am I getting dragged into this? I don’t want this information, I don’t want to have anything to do with this information.”

But will all the secrets backfire and lead to Max finding out?

Also on tonight’s episode of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, titled For the Love of Money, A1 and Lyrica’s moms pose a risk to their relationship thanks to their strong opinions, and Princess pulls up Moniece about her social media shenanigans.

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood airs Mondays at 8/7c on VH-1.

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