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Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood preview teases a rowdy road trip to Las Vegas with Mickey Munday, Booby Gibson, Apple Watts and more

Paris and Booby on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood
The Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood crew heads to Las Vegas. Pic credit: VH1

What happens when you put the Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood crew on a party bus headed for Las Vegas? Well, it turns into a rowdy road trip that’s pretty much guaranteed to spark up some drama.

In the latest Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood sneak peek, Booby Gibson and Mickey Munday reveal plans to take the LHHH cast on a trip. Mickey explains how Boog and Fizz hooked up a mansion in Vegas along with VIP tickets to their show.

Zell Swag is also along for the ride and he says he prefers riding in a party bus because you can drink and have fun all the way there. As he put it, “You don’t have to worry about no air marshalls, none of that. We there, we on the bus and we out.”

The group is headed to Vegas on a party bus, complete with a stripper pole. When Paris shows up, she even tests out that stripper pole and from that point forward, it’s clear that this group trip is going to be crazy.

When Apple Watts showed up with Brittany B, it was quickly clear that some drama would pop off. After all, Zell and Paris are on board and these three don’t all get along. In fact, Zell is still calling her Barney B as he questions why she’s even there.

Apple was invited on the trip by Mickey, but she decided to bring Brittany with her because she is just hitching a ride to Las Vegas so she can go to a family reunion while she’s there. She brought Brittany with her for support. Now, Apple may need to support Brittany because Zell and Paris pounced around the same time that the party bus pulled off.

“It feels like there’s an elephant in the room,” Zell said.

“There is,” Brittany replied.

Before she could finish, Zell interrupted her and said, “And it’s not us.”

Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood airs Mondays at 8/7c on VH1.

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