Love & Hip Hop Hollywood: Moniece wants a cup of Fizz’s SPERM

Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood
Nikki talks about Moniece and Fizz living together on tonight’s Love & Hip Hop Hollywood S3 premiere

The wait is over as Love & Hip Hop Hollywood returns tonight with the premiere of Season 3 on VH-1 — and oh boy is it going to be a good one.

Preview clips for the first episode show Moniece living with ex Lil’ Fizz, the father of her first child, and while she doesn’t want anything between the sheets she DOES want something else.

Miss Nikki Baby is a bit taken aback by the news of them living together due to her own goings on with Fizz.

Moniece — who calls her vagina her ‘monkey’ — promises her: “My monkey doesn’t want his banana, it can stay with the bunch.”

But she adds: “The only thing that I want from him is a vial of sperm.”

She later says in a sit-down with Fizz: “I am so happy about our ability to co-parent, however I feel like I got snuffed. I feel like I’m owed another baby.

“It was traumatic what we went through, but we made it through the storm. I’m having baby fever. I’m already a baby mama, I need my babies to look similar.

“I don’t need him [Fizz], I don’t even want the sausage. Just blurrrp into the cup…and then I’ll do the rest.”

Asked how likely it is that he’ll “give her some in a cup”, Fizz replies: “Negative.”

Watch Moniece say she wants Fizz’s sperm

Another clip shows the first eight minutes of the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 3 premiere — including Moniece laying down the ground rules to Fizz of them living together.

Basically she just doesn’t want any groaning from the bedroom or half-naked women wandering around the house. But Fizz also tells her if that’s the case than she has to keep her “monkey” covered up at all times as well.

The footage also shows Princess and Ray J getting a wedding photo-shoot done for a magazine, but tensions rise when Ray J’s mum, who is also his manager, steps in and says the wedding is not going ahead unless he gets Princess to sign a pre-nup.

That’s not something Ray J’s too keen on as he feels he’s just got into a good place with Princess and doesn’t want to make her angry. But his mom is having none of it.

The clip also shows Brandi and Shanda being invited to Nia’s ‘Mommies & Mimosas Brunch’ — although Nia makes sure to get their agreement before revealing she’s doing it with Moniece.

Watch first 8 minutes of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood S3

Also check out this clip of the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood stars explaining what to expect in Season 3 and some of their highlights from last season.

Stars lift the lid on Season 3

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 3 premieres tonight at 8/7c on VH-1.

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