Love & Hip Hop Hollywood: Fizz helps Willie try to win back Shanda

Willie confides in Fizz about his relationship issues with Shanda on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood
Willie confides in Fizz about his relationship issues with Shanda on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood

On Love & Hip Hop Hollywood this week, Fizz helps Willie try to win back Shanda and it’s classic man-to-man “rose petals and candles” advice.

Willie reveals just how bad the relationship between him and Shanda has got, and is adamant he’ll do anything to get their relationship back where it used to be.

He explains: “Me and Shanda went into a crazy space. I’m coming home, she’s there. But it’s like she’s not.

“I’ve gotta repair this, and I just need some help on just figuring out what it is I’m supposed to be doing at this moment.”

But he also admits he hasn’t told anyone about his problems yet so all his emotions are boiling up inside him — and he finally decides to confide in Fizz.

He says: “I haven’t confided in any of my friends because, one, it’s extremely embarrassing and, two, I was just hoping it would blow itself over and let me get back to the good part but clearly that’s not happening. My marriage is definitely in jeopardy. So right now I just need a friend.”

He tells Fizz: “I’m in the dog house! This shortie from Chicago, she’s gone and brought her a** all the way over to LA to try to f*** my s*** up man.”

Fizz says: “What? Somebody you’ve been talking to?”

Willie says: “No, I wasn’t talking to her. It’s just a chick from the past, and then late last year she hit me up and guaranteed some freaky **** and I went, like a dumb m**********r.”

Fizz asks: “Have the kids sensed anything?”

Willie says: “I know they do, man. I know they’re just watching the vibe, and being like ‘why are they not hugging? Why are they not kissing?'”

Fizz tells the camera: “Watching Willie go through this right now is really hard, because I know how much of a good dude he really is and how much he supports and loves his family so it kind of just makes me really feel bad for him.”

Willie says he knows he needs to do something really special for Shanda, and Fizz agrees saying: “You know exactly what you can do and what you’ve gotta do. Book that room on the water, go have some dinner, come back, have the candles already lit, rose petals out…

“Let her know you really care about her like she’s still important to you. That’s what you’ve got to do, just make her feel important.”

Also on this week’s Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Moniece gets her own back at Brandi, while Ray gives Safaree some help as he tries to make amends with Nikki. Meanwhile, Princess’s issues with her estranged dad come to the fore again while making plans for the wedding.

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood airs Mondays at 8/7c on VH-1.

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