Love & Hip Hop Hollywood: Fetty Wap tells Masika he wants to be devoted dad

Fetty Wap on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood
Fetty Wap talks to Masika about their daughter on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood

On Love & Hip Hop Hollywood tonight, Feppy Wap tells Masika Kalysha that he wants to be a devoted dad to their daughter Khari.

Footage shows the pair meeting up around two thirds of the way through Masika’s pregnancy, to iron out their differences after he initially denied being the dad.

Fetty Wap, real name Willie Maxwell II, flew in during a break in his tour so they could sit down and meet face to face ahead of the birth, which took place in March.

Masika says she was “part anxious, part ambivalent” ahead of their meeting — and says part of her also wanted to “punch him in the face”.

She also says that the sit-down is long overdue ahead of the birth. But Fetty quickly changes her outlook on the whole situation when he tells her: “I want to be her father. I want to be the one that she’s like ‘that’s my daddy'”

She asks him why the sudden change of outlook and he says: “I just had to man up.”

Speaking to the camera, Masika says she doesn’t think Fetty will ever know how much trouble he caused her, but she is happy that he’s taking a new path forward.

She says: “After all of the hurt and embarrassment that Willie has put me through, I really haven’t been quick to admit to myself that I’m going to be dealing with this man for the rest of my natural life.

“I don’t think that he can ever fully understand how stressful he’s made the situation, and how dark it’s gotten for me. But the fact that he’s even acknowledging it is very helpful, so we’ll see.”

Fetty tells her that he wishes they could have talked earlier but she says she can’t see how that was possible because they were constantly arguing.

But she vows: “I definitely want you to know that I’m going to work with you to make sure that you can see her as much as you can. I’m not going to make it difficult for you even though you made it difficult for me.

“I just appreciate the place where we are right now, and I just want to grow from there and build from there and be the coolest freakin’ parents ever.”

He replies, humbled: “Thank you for letting me show you that I really want to be her dad.”

But despite the new positive outlook, Masika still isn’t 100 per cent convinced.

She says: “This is the guy that I knew and was dating, and is perfect. But why couldn’t he have acted like this for those 1,738 months I’ve been pregnant?

“You let me go 70 per cent of the way by myself and now you’re jumping in? This is refreshing but I don’t know bro.”

When she asks if he’ll change diapers he jokingly makes his excuses saying he thinks he’ll still be on tour. But he adds: “What you can do is you can Snapchat me those diapers.”

Also on tonight’s Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, A1 and Lyrica try to make peace between their moms before they tie the knot, while Nikki gets into a new relationship. Meanwhile, Max continues to fume at Brandi after her secret gets found out.

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