Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Tiffany Foxx is ‘bad-boy magnet’: Million Dollar Matchmaker

Tiffany Foxx on Million Dollar Matchmaker
Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star Tiffany Foxx arrives on Million Dollar Matchmaker

This week’s Million Dollar Matchmaker on WE tv features Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Tiffany Foxx — who’s renowned for being the ultimate “bad-boy magnet”.

Watch our exclusive clip below as Patti Stanger gives Tiffany a “social media audit” which uncovers some seriously provocative and racy images.

Tiffany has always been drawn to bad-boys and her longest relationship, which lasted 14 years, was with a man who spent nine of those behind bars.

But she knows if she’s going to find a relationship that lasts she’s going to have to find a different kind of man.

She says: “I think the kind of guy that I like, and that I’m drawn to, and the type of energy that I attract…I think I need to change that.”

She adds: “I’m seeking Patti’s help because I’m clearly not doing a good job at finding love, and I know there’s some issues that I need to get ironed out. And I know she’s going to find out what those are.”

After looking through her sexy social media posts, Patti says one reason she’s attracting bad boys is that she’s portraying a bad-girl image herself.

But when Patti puts Tiffany to the test at a mingling event — what kind of man will she go for, the bad or the good?

Million Dollar Matchmaker airs Fridays at 9/8c on WE tv. 

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