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Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 8, episode 8 recap – Karlie Redd stirs the pot, Sierra Gates and Rasheeda Frost share shocking admissions

Karlie Redd explains her time wit Joc last season on the ranch
The ride to the cabin retreat could get bumpy after Yung Joc’s faithfulness is called into question. Pic credit: VH1

On Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 8, episode 8 titled Cabin Confessions, things are going to get awkward! Despite Kirk Frost’s previous cabin exploits, he and Rasheeda decided to plan a couples’ trip to a cabin in an effort for everyone to get a little bit of bonding time.

Heading into this episode, the synopsis makes it clear that this won’t be a peaceful trip. The logline reads:

Secrets and lies come to light at Kirk and Rasheeda’s couples retreat; Karlie tangles with a surprise visitor; fresh bombshells rock Sierra and BK’s relationship; back in the A, Moniece’s collab with Akbar goes left.

The group splits into men in one van and women in the other for the trip with the exception of Bambi, who volunteered to ride with the men so she could get some more time with Lil Scrappy.

It was during the van ride that Yung Joc’s girlfriend Kendra shared that they have been together for two years. Then, she says that there was no “off” time and they’ve been together the whole time.

Which is interesting because Joc and Karlie were together at the ranch last season. Whoops! Things are getting messy already and they haven’t even made it to the cabin already.

That’s when Sierra starts chatting about her man BK Brasco and how she just doesn’t trust him. It turns out she may be right because Karlie Redd confirms that he hooked up with Pooh Hicks last year when they were in Cancun.

“Girl, I am going to f**k BK up!” Sierra says. Now we’ve got two couples about to brawl when they finally get to their destination.

When the men finally pull up to the cabin in Ellijay, Georgia, it’s lit up like Christmas and that’s definitely not the only thing getting lit up that night. It’s about to go down!

You think they’d have learned about cabins by now

Rasheeda thinks they’re going to talk about some relationship stuff but it takes Kendra about three whole seconds to confront Jasiel (and you know it’s serious when she uses the real name) about the timeline of his last hookup with Karlie.

Sierra Gates vs. BK Brasco

About two minutes and a commercial break after Kendra confronted Joc, Sierra requested a bed by herself. Then she takes BK Brasco in the kitchen and confronts him about rumors that he was hooking up with Pooh.

This isn’t the first time Karlie has put BK’s shady ways on blast. We don’t even have to remember when she busted him for hooking up with Amber Priddy (or at least Amber claimed as much) because they played a replay of it.

BK denies ever hooking up with Pooh Hicks but Karlie has receipts and Sierra believes her over him.

Akbar V vs. Moniece Slaughter

When Akbar V shows up late to the studio again, Moniece Slaughter is ready to throw down. Akbar comes in claiming a headache again and while that is understandable, so is Moniece’s point, which is that studio time costs money and it isn’t Akbar who is paying.

After all, it’s her cousin Kandi Burruss who even made it possible for her to move out of the hood so she surely doesn’t have money to pay for recording music.

So when Moniece tells Akbar that she’s about to work with Tokyo Vanity, she flips out. Apparently, she doesn’t feel like Moniece should work with Tokyo in Atlanta because neither of them are even from there.

“Y’all flew here and I grew here” is literally the best line of the night so far. Now Moniece has another enemy on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta and the ratchet meter is quickly heating up.

Kendra Robinson vs. Yung Joc

Back at the cabin, the group is trying to continue their bonding session but that was short lived when Kendra asked for some alone time with Joc. They got their time too after Karlie Redd offered up some sex toys for them to take with. Can we say horrible timing?

Back in the room, Kendra confronts Joc about the ranch trip and what happened with Karlie there. In an effort to prove that Karlie is lying, he shares that he got Kendra’s name tattooed on his penis. Well then!

Joc claims that Karlie is just miserable and wants to make everyone else miserable and then, with his most sincere face, he claims that he has been true to Kendra and only wants to be with Kendra, which is exactly why he says that he inked her name on his junk.

Anyone else hurt down there just thinking about all that?

After a night on the couch, BK says in the confessional that if he knew it was going to be drama, he wouldn’t have even come. Things went the other way for Joc, who says that he and Kendra did their own bout of bonding in the bedroom.

The next morning in the cabin

Then, the group gets together to do a bit of bonding but things go left when Rasheeda’s idea for each couple to tell each other one thing they love and one thing they hate about each other.

However, it looks like BK and Sierra might be able to patch things up after sharing their love/hate confessions. Then Joc really steps it up, calling Kendra his hero. Maybe things won’t come to blows after all. Or at least not yet.

When Kendra spends some bonding time with Bambi, she reveals that she’s not totally believing that Joc hasn’t been messy. But Bambi keeps it real, telling Kendra to lay down the law but not to let the other women ruin a good thing.

Back in Atlanta

After the showdown with Moniece, Akbar V is shown heading to the cemetery to finally pay her respects to her mom. She reveals that her mom has been dead for 12 years but she never came to visit because she hadn’t forgiven her yet.

Meanwhile, Moniece meets up with Tokyo and the two end up discussing the recent drama with Scrapp. She’s clearly upset that Scrapp wasn’t committing to her and was spending time with not one, but two different exes.

Then, Moniece goes in on Akbar V. Moneice tells Tokyo that Akbar wasn’t happy they were working together.

Tokyo can’t seem to believe that Akbar is acting so funny. Now it’s looking like Akbar and Tokyo are going to have beef where there really didn’t have to be any.

Later that night

After dark at the cabin, there’s a knock at the door and Karlie’s surprise visitor shows up. Did anyone really not think it would be Arkansas Mo coming to clear the air? Of course, Karlie had to play tough and act like she didn’t want to see him but we all know she was happy to see her man show up with presents as he tried to fix things.

Mo admits that Kirk Frost told him about the cabin. Karlie, still playing tough, accuses Mo of “always cheating on me” but even she knows that the whole pregnancy drama is from a relationship that happened before her.

Dear Karlie, withholding information is not cheating and he didn’t really withhold anything anyway. Queue the tears…

Karlie is acting up while Mo is trying to apologize and she still tells him to go. She’s probably going to regret that later.

Now that many of the couples are starting to head into massive drama, Rasheeda attempts to bring them all back together. She tries to talk some sense into all of the couples except Karlie and Mo (who went home) and she starts talking about infidelities on “both sides of this marriage” which send shockwaves through the rooms.

No one believes her and Lil Scrappy seems to think it’s not even possible. Rasheeda says it happened really early on and we have to ask how early. It’s no secret that the two have been together since she was a teenager.

But did things happen more recently too or does Kirk struggle with trust issues still? We haven’t forgotten that DNA test he snuck on their youngest son and neither has her mother either.

The group then starts talking about how all the cabin drama has started with Karlie. Wait, what? Did Yung Joc just call Karlie Redd a snake? He sure did!

Then, Sierra admits that she wasn’t even faithful to BK Brasco and comes clean about the guy she was DMing, sending even more shockwaves through the group.

There’s so much drama coming out during this cabin trip, we can only hope they draw the line and stop heading into the woods because it always ends badly. Does anyone else have whiplash after trying to keep up with all the accusations, admissions and constant drama?

It looks like next week might get even better as everyone comes home and brings all the baggage with them.

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta airs Mondays at 8/7c on VH1. 

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