Cisco’s ears are burning as he is kicked out of Creep Squad on Love & Hip Hop

Love & Hip Hop
Love & Hip Hop sees Cisco out on his ear

This week on Love & Hip Hop

As a quirky, eccentric Aquarius you have more than your fair share of admirers, and you bring some very special gifts to a relationship too. Your mythological archetype is the visionary, and we all know visionaries have groupies!

Rich agrees and says Cisco doesn’t deserve to be part of Creep Squad.

Peter reckons the whole thing is not on and it’s taken food out of his kid’s mouths.

He says: “As a father that’s as foul as it gets.

He’s got nine kids with another on the way so as he puts it his “money can’t be played with right now.”

Also on this episode, Remy wants to spend more time with Papoose, Yandy’s secret is having unintended consequences and MariahLynn is trying to keep her life in balance.

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