Love and Hip Hop Miami stars Jessie Woo and Amara La Negra speak out on the Gina Rodriguez N-Word controversy

Jessie Woo and Amara La Negra
Jessie Woo and Amara La Negra from Love and Hip Hop: Miami both weighed in on the controversy that started with Gina Rodriguez. Pic credit: VH1

Gina Rodriguez shared a video of herself singing along to the Fugees hit “Ready or Not,” and she rapped the N-word in the video. Gina became a hot topic on social media because many felt like she doesn’t have a right to say that word, even in a song, because she is not black.

Love and Hip Hop’s Amara La Negra did not agree that Gina saying the word was a problem.

She went to TMZ and stated that the word should be fine if you are singing a song. She also feels like had Gina had darker skin, this wouldn’t be an issue.

She did point out that Gina shouldn’t have recorded herself rapping it. She added that a lot of Latinos use the word since they are often raised in the same communities as black people and are used to hearing it.

Jessie Woo also had some comments about the topic.

She took to Twitter and said, “Y’all stay falling for the fakes who love to claim their “blackness” when it’s time to cash a check.”

Some followers thought she was referring to Amara, with one replying, “I really hope it’s not like that with her…” Jessie never clarified who she was referring to.

In a subsequent tweet, Jessie did seem to reference Amara and Love and Hip Hop’s Executive Producer Mona Scott-Young. She wrote, “I’ll never forget Mona not showing y’all how wig sat on that reunion stage and said Haitians aren’t suffering in the DR. NEVER EVER.”

Amara is Dominican, and Jessie is Haitian.

Amara and Jessie have clashed a lot in the past. On the show, the two almost fought while filming. They have also shaded each other on social media.

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