Love and Hip Hop Hollywood’s Apryl Jones talks Omarion and Fizz on Nick Cannon’s morning show

Apryl Jones on Power 106
Apryl Jones opens up to Nick Cannon about her relationship with Omarion and Fizz. Pic credit: Power106fm/YouTube

Apryl Jones went on Power 106 FM with Nick Cannon and discussed her relationships with Fizz and Omarion and even what went down with B2K.

Apryl started the interview by saying that when she and Omarion were together, she didn’t know anyone in B2k, because the group wasn’t friends, even though they were shown to be friends. She said she met Fizz on Love and Hip Hop Hollywood Season 1. She also said that they reconnected after she and Omarion broke up.

Nick Cannon asked Apryl if she thinks about how her kids would perceive her based on the whole love triangle. Apryl said that she thinks about her kids and will just continue to be herself and she will be honest with her children about her choices. She also said that she doesn’t badmouth Omarion to her children or the public.

Apryl told Cannon that Omarion mistreats her and only gives her $700 each month.

Apryl also explained her Instagram live video, where she said that Fizz was the best she ever had. She explained that Omarion wasn’t necessarily bad in bed, but Fizz was good because of the connection. She made it clear that she wasn’t comparing the two men.

Apryl said that Fizz and Omarion have never had a conversation with each other regarding the relationship between her and Fizz. She said that Omarion refuses to have that conversation and she also doesn’t think that they should because they were never friends.

She also said that Omarion puts on a fake smile for everyone else, but he is not as nice as he appears to be. She said that it seems like he is angry even though he left her. Apryl then provided receipts that show Omarion apologizing for the pain he put Apryl through.

Apryl made it very clear that she was dating other men when she ended up with Fizz, and he wasn’t even her type. They just happened to fall for each other.

Fizz and Apryl shocked viewers with denials and stated on the show that they weren’t together, after speculations for months that they were in a relationship. They just recently came out as a couple on the show together.

Apryl did state that the reason Omarion has been so silent on the situation is that to speak on it means that he would have to tell the world, “what he did.” She also said that the breakup was the hardest breakup of her life, but that she wishes him nothing but the best, even though she thinks he’s jealous of her life after the breakup.

Check out the interview here.

Love and Hip Hop Hollywood airs Monday 8/7c on VH1.

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